Thursday, November 8, 2012


My society, oh how I loathe you! With every inch of my body, I despise you. You’ve been nothing but a great wall in my path, stopping me from getting to where I want to be. You imprisoned me in this idiotic way of “living”.. I use the word loosely! We are not alive. We are not living. We are just getting by.

I, too, was once happy with just skimming through life. I was ok with being this consuming being who’s too spoiled to realize the mutation it’s going through. The brainwashing and the oblivion of “More is More” was working on me too. 

Life was good until I started thinking. Once you open up your mind you can’t go back to what you used to be, and while I am aware no one around me is.. so in this messed up equation my mind is running way ahead of the rest of me.

I’m stuck in two worlds, the world I’m forced to live in and the dream of a world I want for myself. I grew out of my surrounding yet I’m carrying around this nearly 24 year old umbilical cord. I’m stuck in a black hole that keeps sucking me back in. I’m never where I want to be. It’s never up to me. I’m nearly 24.

I’m sick of it all.

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