Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I was recently introduced to the wonderful world of drag. I’ve witnessed, if only in short glimpse, what those queens go through. I’ve seen the struggle and the dedication, the elegance and the crazy, the talent and the perseverance, and the magic of it all.

I’m guilty of butching my way through life. I never was a feminine lady or a girly girl; I was, and forever will be, a bona fide tomboy.

For someone like me, the makeup the hairdos the shaving and the hassle feels like a burden placed over my shoulders. They are some of the many things I begrudgingly endure in the name of civilization. It’s safe to say that I’m the anti drag.

Watching those ladies suffer for something that I so often take for granted is inspiring. They work with what they have to create something beautiful and it all leaves me in awe. I don’t understand how anyone could hate them or what they stand for. It saddens me that we live in a world where such beautiful beings are bullied and oppressed.

I pray for you my gorgeous queens, may you one day be granted the life you deserve.

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