Monday, July 16, 2012


Reading back what I write always gives me a sense of pretentiousness, but I can't help being a stuck up bitch! This is how the thoughts formulate in my head. This is the tone of my inner voice. This is the way I read everything or comprehend. This is even the sound I use to read funny tweets! It's dull, but this is what I'm used to. So if you're bothered, stop! Because it's not going to change.

 Having said that, today I'm at a loss of words. I want to write about something other than my thoughts, but my thoughts are jealous creatures. They see me trying to think of something else so they pull me back to where I started from. It's a constant loop, a vicious cycle. They are my current master, and just like most subordinates, I obey in hopes of a treat. I think I deserve a treat.

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The Reigh said...

I'm loving the new deco in your humble blog abode :P
and thoughts aren't meant to be ignored nor fought against :P but meant to be slowed down enough to differentiate between them. Us women have it the hardest. We think.TOO.Much