Saturday, July 14, 2012


What happens when I don't write in the morning? I spend the whole day trying to force myself to sit down and write! Sit down and write Sumaiah. Sit and fucking write.

I find myself forcing myself to do a lot of things lately. Other than writing I force myself to read, work, interact with people, and shower. Those are signs of being depressed I suppose. I never said I wasn't depressed.

You see, I believe I found the perfect cure for my condition, My condition being apathy or whatever not wanting to live might fall under, and the perfect cure is to make myself do everything I don't feel like doing. That's right! As simple as that. Do it all and do it with a smile. You got it champ.

So here I am crossing writing off my list. I just have some pages to read then I can go back to watching shows in bed. Life is good.

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