Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Once again I'm in this place of my life where I'm questioning my plan. Is it ever going to come to life? Will I ever grow up? Will I ever break free? Am I determined enough to achieve my ultimate goal? Am I worthy of the life I want for myself? Question after question from me to me even when I know I have no answer, or worse, I have one that I don't want to hear.
All I know is that something in me has to come out. Words or otherwise, it just has to be sent back to the universe. This thing.. This entity if I may go as far to say, resides everywhere in me. It's like a cancer of some sort eating me alive. But just like most cancers out there, I have to fight my body to eradicate it. I have to reach my weakest state of mind to come out victorious. I have to face me, beat me, then build me up again. Just like a phoenix, I will rise back to greatness.

*Sometimes you just have to write. Even if there's nothing to write about and words refuse to serve a purpose. Today is one of those times. I have the Nerdist playing in the background and I can't help but listen to snippets of jokes and, even when my mind is resisting, give out a smile.



Mohd said...

arent we all suffering from the same thing in K-town ?

its either the dust thats affecting our minds or the horrible reality we r living in

Sumaiah said...

you got a point!

it's pretty bad times we're living in.