Saturday, March 17, 2012


I want to get an industrial and eyebrow piercing but I don't know where to go get them done. I know Eden salon does eyebrow piercing but I want to get them both at the same time and I'm kinda more into the industrial now than I am into the eyebrow ring. Please help! I really really want this, so if anyone knows of a place where I could go, do let me know!


Momo96 said...

Maybe u can get em from the pharmacy !!!

Aether said...

You would look sexy like hell.

BTW this is Fickle :p just changed the name don't freak out!

Sumaiah said...

Momo 96:
The problem is they only have the piercing gun it the pharmacies and I don't think the size of the needle is the same as that of an industrial barbells.

Stop changing names 3a8adteny T_T
And I would look sexy, wouldn't I!

q8othug said...

i think i know a place

Sumaiah said...

You don't get to say that and disappear! Get your ass back here and give me details!

Unless you mean the tattooist? I just heard of him today and I'm considering contacting him.

q8othug said...

yes philipino tattooist. heard he's hella good