Thursday, March 15, 2012

Never Again

I'm starting to stress having to come up with more of those since the ones I had prepared are running out. But I must admit, I'm finding this very interesting and therapeutic. You all should try it. So here goes the next in my series.

Dear ex bestfriend,
It's been a while since you last heard of me. I know that because I made sure of it. I cut people out when they end up not being what they promised to be. You, unfortunately, did exactly that.

I knew you were her friend to start with, but three years of friendship should count for something, am I right? Silly me, I thought we bonded; I thought we were best friends! The realization of not losing one, but two friends shattered me. You knew I was going through a lot at the time, yet you didn't stick around.

In a dark period of my life, I needed you around, but you had to pick sides. You wanted to contact me when it was most convenient to you, and I wasn't buying that.

I didn't beg for you friendship back then and trust me, that's not what I'm trying to do now. All I want to say is that you hurt me by being so immature towards the whole situation. You cared more about yourself and what suited you best on the expense of our friendship. Even though I had difficulties showing it, I loved having you as a person I could trust.

You're a very kind person, but just like I respected your choice of forgetting about me on the toughest year of my life, respect my choice of forgetting about you forever. You knew how hard it is for me to trust, so you should've expected this.

Even though I made sure of keeping you as far away from me as possible, I find you invading my mind at the weirdest of times. I will always remember you fondly because you haven't done me any wrong... You actually haven't done me anything when I needed you the most.

Thanks for the lesson,

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