Sunday, March 11, 2012

Let's Do This

Since I'm having difficulties coming up with post to write, I though why not commit to something that someone else came up with and I found this. This is the first of this series, enjoy!

Dear someone I hate,
I tried to make this letter as civil as possible, but there's nothing much to do if you repulse me. You are a despicable person whose only purpose in life is to create misery. You're a coward who feasts off decent people's dreams. You're a leach, sucking the life out of my loved ones.

There might have been a time when I didn't hate you, but those times are a distant memory now. I can't remember the last time I felt affection towards you or thought of you fondly. You managed to twist love into this heinous act of torture. You maimed and deformed what people call the strongest bond.

I am a person who's capable of hate, but I never thought I can have this much hatred directed at one person. What you do is unforgivable, unthinkable, and unacceptable. You, thinking that those behaviors are normal only shows how fucked up and vile you are.

My only wish is that you'd stay out of our lives. Your presence burdens us and you're no longer welcomed to stay. I wish one day my loved ones and I will be free of you.

You disgust me.

With all the hate in the world,


Mohd said...

this type of people r all around no matter how hard u try to avoid such creatures u end up finding one & they r the one who ruin the meaning of a beautiful life.

Nice post cant wait to read The Future & Past me letters if u gonna continue the list :)

Sumaiah said...

True! But life is beautiful no matter what those people say or do.

I'm going to go through with this inshallah but I haven't even started writing to future and past me. I think I need to gather some courage to do that. You've encouraged me to start writing them, thank you!