Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brought to you by the Letter ق

You know you hit rock bottom when the lady working at the bakery feels sorry for you because you're ordering your own birthday 8a8e.


Vainglorious said...

Cool people order their own cakes to make sure its perfect.. so you are a perfect cool woman! :D

q8othug said...


yup, thats sad :>


Sumaiah said...

Am I still perfect even after she called again to give me another number and it took me 5 minutes to locate a pen?
I know I'm awesome though, I say those things jokingly don't worry :p

Enta esket walla kelma!

Ambrosial said...

Don't feel bad Semo ;* I threw my own 21st bday by ordering mini brownie cakes with frostings of my initials and the no.21 ;p gathered my bros and forced them to sing happy birthday ;p oh and the lady from the bakery asked who's it for.. I proudly said me! Coz its my bday and I'll celebrate my life if no one bothers to do so! .. (That is sad ;p)

My 24 birthday I decided to pamper myself.. got a massage, cruised the gulf road, watched the sunset, and had dinner with my cousins ;p bs OH and I had a box of Krispy Kreme donuts bs 7agiii! :D it was good ;p
Happy Birthday in advance ;** (Enjoy it)

Sumaiah said...

Thanks honey for making feel normal! We do rock for doing this ourselves :D

3al2a8al we know what we want and we go for it. This way we won't be disappointed.

Mohd said...

Dont wait for someone to make u happy, if u feel that a certain action that wont hurt anyone will make u happy just do it.