Saturday, January 28, 2012

Occupy My House

My grandma and I have the weirdest relationship ever! We weren't always on good terms but as of recently, she became my favorite person ever. I don't know if that's because she's my only living grandparent, or because she's the only person who's way meaner than I am, but something about that woman makes me want to be around her.

About a month and a half ago grandma fell off her bed and broke her hip. I was devastated especially because she had to be drugged and was confused and couldn't recognize any of us. It was sad seeing the strongest female figure in my life fall apart, it threw me off balance.. It was just devastating!

They operated on her shortly after and she started feeling better el7emdellah and she's back home. I'm really glad she's back with us, don't get me wrong! But I hate the fact that our house is turning into a whore house! People are going in and out all the fucking time! We can't eat in peace, we can't sit with grandma, we can't move freely in our own place and it's driving me crazy!

And it's not like I have one of those considerate families. Noooo! They have to come while I'm eating and bring all the males in the household and leave at nearly midnight! They're invading my place and they're ruining my life, how can I get rid of them?


Vainglorious said...

il7amdila 3ala salamat your grandma ;*

People are rude and have no manners! You should set visiting hours!! Allah y3eeenich 3alaihm ;*

Sumaiah said...

Allah ysalmech, thank you :*

I know :(
Wallah if it was up to me I wouldn't give visitation rights :p