Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I've been trying to come up with something apologetic to start with, but after five minutes of staring at my pet Oysters I couldn't come up with anything. Ummm hi I guess! It's Sumaiah, remember me? Crazy, annoying, opinionated and sometimes scary girl who used to write here, ring any bell? Yeah, this is she.

Ok, I admit that was lame bs kaify!

Now for the hard part! Where is this post going? I really have no idea! I just sat down and decided to spam. I guess I should update..


Remember I was doing my post graduate studies when I last posted? Yeah I did that for like a couple of months and decided I'm quitting. I don't know if the program was not serious or if I was just making excuses to not have to be in KU anymore, but it just didn't work out.

What helped me with taking that decision was my employment. Yes, this bum is working now! And where I work, I have a big chance of doing my studies abroad after two years of working. It didn't take me long to decide because when comparing between KU and any other place, the other place will win by default. Was it a bad decision? We'll let time decide. Will I ever regret it? I really don't think so.

I have a birthday coming up (in 31 days but still I'm anticipating from now!) yaay me! I'll bore you with some more rambling later on, I'll go eat now.


Vainglorious said...

YAY!! Semo is baack!! Well its about time you posted little miss lazy ass! <_<

I really missed your messed up posts ;*

emwafiga inshala :D

q8othug said...



Sumaiah said...

Yeah, I know! You inspired me missy :*

Man, I really thought this made sense! Lool I guess our view of sense varies :p

It's good to have you back asshole! I know you missed me too *hugs*

Fickle said...

Fuck youuuuuuuuuu.

ABOUT TIME you posted.

Sumaiah said...