Saturday, July 16, 2011

I've Got the Powah!

It's been a while since I introduced someone here, I kind of forgot about it to be honest, so I thought why not do one today? Since I couldn't narrow it down to one person (actually I couldn't think of any!) I'm going to writing about my ring. Yup, you read that right!

The ring I'm talking about is my dear college ring, the only good thing that came out of KU! I call it El8owwa "The Power" because I get to say "I've got the powah" when wearing it this way :p

What do you write about a ring? Ummm it fits me perfectly, no? It acts as a weapon if used properly! Hmmm it might give you superpowers?

Well what did you expect! It's 3:30 AM, I'm bored, and I'm writing about a freaking ring! No one told you to expect this to make any sense!

Next time I'm writing about my favorite spatula, stay tuned :p


Anonymous said...

Your ring is your power indeed.
In this day and age, a girl's degree can get her far in life.
A deccent education is a powerful weapon in this world.

Saudi Girl said...

LOL, la t5afeen we all have those boring moments and I, too, blog about anything when I'm bored but never about a ring . . . never got THAT creative. Glad you're back though:)

Ambrosial said...

LOL that's a cool ring, u could really clout someone out with this thing! ;p

You know what.. wear it and go: "I Pity the Fool!..." ;p

Sumaiah said...

You're too nice to comment under anonymous, give me a nickname or something.

Saudi Girl:
Good to know that I'm not that weird after all!
It's good to be back :D

I already use it as a weapon. It's good when directing a blow to the head, it can cause serious damage :p

LOL I like the way you're thinking!

Vainglorious said...

Ooooh reminds me of my high school ring! It's the best thing I got out of that place ;p

Nice to meet you Mr. Ring :)

Slashy said...

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