Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Impulses FTW!

As of lately, my life became kind of meh and uninspiring so I unconsciously took a leave of absence. It's not that I haven't been up to anything- because when I look back, I was actually active- it's just that I haven't been feeling active. Somehow everything I did became a chore, including going out and having fun. You see, yours truly is a creature of spontaneity and life was starting to be too planned ahead and organized.

I knew something had to happen to get me out of this rut, so as always I relied on the first impulse (actually 2)that I had, so I:
- Cut my hair. I'm rocking a sideway layered look where it's the shortest on the right and the longest on the left with various lengths in between. I should totally do this for a living, I'm a visionary!

- Started cleaning my room (that picture up there, those tiles were invisible a couple of days ago!), a process that was a year in the making and will probably take weeks to be completed. But at least I'm doing my laundry, and I must admit, it's nice wearing clean clothes for a change. I also found 51 pair of socks and still counting!

You know, I might have temporary lost my stepping but now, more than ever, I know what I want next! I really appreciate you asking about me and I'll try to post more.


Slashy said...

LOOOL so hathool mawaleed yedaad now that you've cleaned your room! OMG ana eli ma sawayt shay yet ib my room.... you have to show me your hair ;0)

Don't do anything more to your hair, don't want you to be David Bowie, hah!

Sumaiah said...

Lool hathy tharwety! I'm used to buying new ones instead of washing them so teyame3aw :p
Work on it 3ad enty ma begalech shay, 3al2a8al na'6eefa! Oo you do not want to see my hair it looks retarded cheny 3gaidy :p

LOL though I'd rock that style with my round face and double chin! Lol waaai3!

LorD AymZ said...

great to have u back on board, and hopefully unbored :P

for future hair-related impulses, go for color, the stranger the better, like Green or Pink or something inbetween.

i speak from experience; i went blonde once :P just for laughs

q8othug said...

i find it amusing and disturbing at the same time that your chain of thought is very similar to that of the joker


Sumaiah said...

It's good to be back!

My hair is a virgin actually! Never been bleached, never been colored. I'd rather leave it that way because it already in bad shape!

Is it true that blonds have it better ;p

What's that supposed to mean! *death glare*

I find it amusing that you always have a nerdy comic reference at hand! Well at least it's not star wars related :p

LorD AymZ said...

blondes have it WAY better, especially if they are smart ;P

r.alsharif said...

I know exactly how you're feeling! :P

Vainglorious said...

Welcome baack! Ma ba'3aitay u post!

Na3eeeeman, show me the haircut I can use the picture to scare little kids ;p

Sumaiah said...

Don't tempt me!

I'm sensing that you're up to something, spill! :p

You know I tweet all the time, ask Ambro!

I look so cute still la t7awleen! Bs I could still scare kids with my attitude *devilish smile*
If you had a BlackBerry like the rest of us, I would've BBMed it to you, bs you had to be a tech freak :p

I shouldn't be allowed to nap at this time of day, see how it messes with my head!