Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I just got an e-mail birthday reminder of a person that I'm no longer acquainted with, isn't it just perfect! as if having people constantly reminding me of the distance that grew between us, now the universe is conspiring against me.

It's not that I miss that person or anything. It's just that I hate being reminded of what's no longer here. I hate the heartache and reminiscing that comes with the mention of the name. I hate the fact that I could no longer wish them a happy birthday...

Technology could be such a troll sometimes!


Ambrosial said...

So u do miss her! ;p

Sumaiah said...

I do not miss anyone! Take it back this instance!!

I just hate being reminded of the past! I mean, am I asking for too much by wanting to move on?

Slashy said...


هذا الشي الوحيد اللي يى على بالي لأني أعرف الشعور

أنا ما أحب أتذكر الماضي بعد.. المهم إنه الله ياخذ هالبيرسين ال$)#@$@# هذامع العيد الميلاد والريمياندر بعد

Sumaiah said...

It's like this feeling when you're on one of the sakka rides elly beshe3eb that goes all the way up then comes right down, I think it's called 6al8at edaboos. Any way, it's the same feeling that you get once you reach the top and is going down again and it's like you're stuck midway and floating on air, do you know that feeling? Well, that's exactly how I felt at the moment of reading that e-mail, stuck and powerless!

Lool adry 6wala bs I just wanted to get it through. It's not love, it's not longing, it's just the helplessness of knowing that you're unable to outrun the past or change it's outcomes for a more suitable future!