Saturday, June 18, 2011

Little Soldiers

When my nephews asked about the reasons behind the child-soldiers' sadness, I found myself at a loss of words. How could I deliver such atrocities to children who believed that everything could be bought? How do you tell them that a kid who did himself and others wrong only did so because that was his only mean of survival? How do you convince kids that sometimes you're not to blame for the crimes you commit?

This book might not be the best that I've ever read, it's not even in the top 10 or even 20 to be honest, but I can't deny that it taught me something. I may have heard about it all or read it somewhere, but one chapter made me live it and it made all the difference.

I won't write a review because I don't believe that I'll do the book justice, but will I recommend it to anyone? Yes absolutely! Because this book, while it was repetitive at times, will help you understand. It'll make you feel guilty for not having to worry about having to choose between living and killing one of your family members. It'll make you understand why a child would choose this path, why they'd take the role of a cheap and sustainable weapon system. And hopefully it'll give you enough information and knowledge to debate and discuss this with other people, and thus create awareness.

Back to the conversation that started it all. I'm not sure if my nephews will ever give it a second thought, I'm not even sure if they paid enough attention! All I'm sure of is that I tried my best to plant a seed that I'll work hard to grow, hoping that one day those boys will grow up and embrace the cause.

Nephew: why is the kid so sad?
Me: because he has no one and nowhere to go to.
Nephew: why does he have nowhere to go to?
Me: because he did some really bad stuff.
Nephew: why did he do those bad stuff?
Me: because he had nowhere and no one to go to...

It's a vicious cycle, isn't it?


Agonized Vamp said...

I dun think he'll EVER give it a second thought, maybe u should remind him when he gets a lil older..

Slashy said...


r.alsharif said...

Wow. It sounds really intense (the good kind). Thank you for the review! :D
Sometime's it's hard for people to understand why other's are sad. It took me a while to learn myself.

Sumaiah said...

Maybe I should!

Already did!

It's good as a starter! If you ever read it oo need more recommendations you know where to find me, I'm glad to be of help :D