Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm in!

Mesho's making me wear this today, I don't mind it :D
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Anonymous said...

Mabrooook :D
Bs accepted in what? ;p


Sumaiah said...

Heeeeey! Where have you been?
You've been missed :*

Thank you *hugs*
Accepted into the masters program :D

Vainglorious said...

Mabroooook!! Way to go girl! :D

3ad ma awa9eeech make their lives miserable, 7alilay ma3ashat'hm ;p

The Stig said...

I am happy because this the first time I see you happy!

good luck and I guess you're a nerd so no worries. :)

Sumaiah said...

Allah ybarek feeech, thank you honey :*

I'm a doctor's pet 7addy not interesting -___-

Duuuuude! I'm a happy person, you've seen me happy lots of times, why do you say that? :(

But if you're happy because I'm happy then I'm extra happy now :p

Thank you dear :)