Saturday, May 28, 2011

Generation Stupid

I've been trying to finish this novel for ages now, but I'm really hating the way it's written and I keep putting it down the moment I start reading. So as I started reading it today a stupid voice in my head told me to put it as a display picture on BBM and I wrote that I really hated it.

The moment I changed my picture a girl that I knew from college immediately started to question my choice as if it was up to her to decide what's fit for me! She started by telling me that I should read something "sexy" and that I'm a freak for reading those depressing tales!

My only mistake was trying to argue with her. Maybe I was ambitious enough to think that I could make her understand the logic behind what I'm saying, or maybe I was bored and needed a good argument (that argument failed to even be rational, it's safe to say that I'm not satisfied!), all I know is that the next thing that I felt was agitation and a great urge to physically harm someone.

I tried to tell her that reading about the miseries of the world helps me understand more, it makes me aware, it's a way for me to feel for what people other than myself go through. Her response didn't only insult my intelligence, but it made me question hers. She told me that if I wanted to feel anything then I should want to feel horny and not sorry! That I should read something that would make me feel happy, because she believes that she has never seen me really happy! Then she went on coaching me on life and how I should be dealing with it!

Ughhhh, like seriously! I mean what makes you believe that you know me? What makes you feel that you know what's the best for me? And how come you think that learning in any way is bad? Why are people only concerned with being happy? What about other people's happiness (or lack of it in this case), isn't that important as well? What's happening to the universe!!

The funniest part was that she mentioned, as a part of her argument, that I'm talking about a lala land! LOL me dreaming of a lala land, how wrong is that?


Anonymous said...

I think your friend is right, you need to feel happy first then make other people happy. If you don't have happiness how can you give it to others.

Sumaiah said...

I am a happy person, what makes you think that I've never been happy?

And I thought that we were talking about me reading not making others happy, didn't know that I should be reading to please other instead of pleasing me!

If you want me to take you seriously, you might want to consider commenting under your real name, anonymous!

Katkoota xD said...

b9ra7a 938tni ur frnd zD

y3ni shdraha ur not a happy person .. every person express happiness in their own ways.

b3dain its nice to read about different kind of stuff .. not just to know about them .. but also to widen ur knowledge.

w etha ehya tfkeerha kla b ashya2 chthi :S b 9ra7a 9ij no comment xD

Sumaiah said...

I know!
Lool it's good to know that I didn't over react.
Oo 7adda I don't blame you for having nothing to say :p

Ambrosial said...

LOOL so being horny = happiness?! Wow... now I think that the movie "The Pursuit of Happiness" has lost its significance!!! LOL ;p

Semo, good for u wallah, I admire ur selection of books. Very true when u said that it helps u to understand more...

B3dain "Happiness" is measured differently... it differs in many perspectives....

You do know that Vainglorious has been appointed the Queen of La La Land?! lol ;p I suggest u send her to Vain. she'll deal with her! lol ;p

P.S get an iPhone o fikai rou7ich from the DP pic that everyone sees! ;p

Slashy said...

رفيجتج بقره ومحد فاهمج كثري أنا ولازم تمسحينها وتضيفيني أنا

من صجي نوعها معقده خل تولي

أي وهمن نوعها تستشرف

وحللت شخصيتها مبين إنها فتانه ونصابه بعد

(شفتي شلون أنا لمن أقولج أحنا داشين النار داشين؟)

Sumaiah said...

Lool you should've seen my face when I read that! I was going to explode oo she was like "why are you upset? It's not like I was accusing you of anything!"

I mean, why clutter my mind with useless daydreams when I can fill it up with what's really happening in the world! I'm not saying that I don't read fairytales, because I still do occasionally. Sometimes I even like them (rare, but it happens :p) but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't read anything that's "not sexy".

We're not speaking of Vain unless she starts blogging more. I'm a firm believer in "out of sight, out of mind" do tell her that :p

NEVER! I vowed to never use any apple product, and I'm a (wo)man of my word :p

Ma7ad bgara ella entay wallah! I don't have to delete anyone to add you! Bs tadreen feny 7addy socially awkward so I felt funny about asking for your pin! I know 7addy ma 3endy salfa bs now that I know that it's ok with you then go ahead and email it wella DM it wella send it by any mean possible :D

It's not like that! I'm sure that she was teasing aw she was genuinely trying to help. Bs apparently we have totally opposing mentalities.

Looool uffff ashkara jahanam wa be2s alma9eer :p