Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fuzzy Logic

Dad bought me tomatoes when I told him that I don't like the ones growing in the garden (mom gardens, I don't eat any of the crops). It might not be much but to me this symbolizes my fathers love. I shall now cut it and put it in my sandwich and eat it :p


q8othug said...

and how come you dont your mum's produce ?

Slashy said...

فديت اللي ماسكه الطماطة

(ما عندي شي ثاني أعلق عليه) لوووول

Sumaiah said...

No matter how civil we act around each other, there's always going to be some bitterness and displaced anger involved. Plus, I really love messing with her head!

Fedait 5eshetesh (rab3y 3ejman, hatha elly a3arfa! :p)
I don't blame you, elpost malla salfa :p

r.alsharif said...

loool! That's actually cute of him to do :P

Sumaiah said...

Rawan(?? (I think I read it somewhere on your blog, so I'll still use it even if it's the wrong name :p)):

It is! Oo ya7laila yayly ygoul "yebtlech kartoon 6oma6" lool that translates to I care in my head! So I told him "ok!" And that translates to ok :p