Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fun with Mesho and 3amoor

My life isn't bad! I know that I've been a bit down lately (or m2awmat'ha 3alla golat 3amoor, it means being emo-like :p), but do you know what! I'm a really cheerful person. The thing is that I need the right people to be cheerful with, and Mesho and 3amoor are 2 of my favorite persons to be around.

Yes my little sister and brother are my life, they are my legacy. I know it's cheesy right? But what can I say! I think I've used up all my motherly hormones on them and that's why I hate kids :p

I just love laughing for hours with 3amoor while tormenting Mesho. I love sitting silently with Mesho and not having to do anything but breath. I love it when they watch me playing any RPG games, and 3amoor would be advising me on strategies, while Mesho follows the stupid storylines. I love coming up with final destination sort of deaths on the dining table and everyone would add a gruesome detail!

My life might be boring but I don't regret being bored around my babies.
I love you to pieces my little monkeys *hugs*

* I'm writing this in my room while hiding from 3amoor because I slapped him and ran away :p


Ambrosial said...

loool! Cute! Well we do have something in common after all! ;p
I too enjoy spending time with 2 of my brothers... Whenever I get a chance that is! I love teasing my little bro and cook for the other bro.. as he's the only one who appreciates what I do around! ;p

Thatkarteeni b Final Fantasy ayaaaam! I used to enjoy reading the story lines from Tekken ;p

My days feel repetitive... Its like living in a Deja Vu ;p

Allah ykhalleelch ur little monkeys ya rb ;*

Sumaiah said...

What are you talking about! We have cooking and doing nothing with our lives in common too :p

Lol I've always hated tekken since I'm a sore loser and I kinda suck at it oo always throw a fit when I lose :p

Aaaaakh tell me about it!!

Thank you honey :*

Vainglorious said...

Lool allaah e5aleekm lb3a'6 inshala ;**

Our lives don't suck Semo, its the world and everyone in it that does ;p
Your such a chicken! Shno slap him o runaway! Stand up and fight like a bitch! ;p

Sumaiah said...

Thank you baby :*

You got that right!
Oo we'll see how bitchy and bold you are after I hear of you slapping someone and then sitting at the other end and receiving their wrath :p