Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Break from Sanity

It seems that blogger's done being a whore, good!

So I've been staring at the twirling lights on my roof, and it came to me! I think everyone should make important decisions this way. Detached from reality, focused on nothing but those majestic lights...

I'm not happy and I'm not sad, I might be a bit unsatisfied, but do you know what? I sure as hell will survive :D


Anonymous said...

the change is coming

Slashy said...

بلوقر حده خون فينا عمى بعينه لو شنو ما راح أسامحه

وبعدين مو بكيفج راح تقولين لي شنو السر :((((

Vainglorious said...

You got a disco ball in your room?! That's awesome! ;p

So what's the decisions you made?

Good to see your comment! (lol ily yesma3 egol my blog) I missed you!

Sumaiah said...

Congratulations on what?
Why so anonymous?

Mako ser! I'm an open book :p

Yup! I'm just fabulous like that, feel free to worship me :p

Curiosity killed the cat yal malgofa :p

La e5thy ra7tech elbait baitech :D