Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dancing Queen

BMy sister's wedding is just around the corner (this tuesday to be exact) and I'm very excited :D

I love weddings! I might hate marriage as an institution, and I might hate preparing for a wedding, but I can't help but be mad about the actual celebration.

I love weddings because for a short period of time you can dance your worries away and pretend that everything's perfect. Plus, wedding music is the best.

I've always loved dancing but that didn't necessarily make me good at it! So I've been taking those dancing classes and I'd love to say that now my walk of shame is no longer that, it's actually somewhat dance-like which is making me even more excited ^.^

The only problem is that the soles of my feet are all blistered because of friction (saying friction makes me giggle I can't help it wallah :p) and stuff, and it's making dancing a real pain. But that doesn't mean that it's gonna stop me from shaking it! I'm a strong believer of perseverance :p
I'll go shake my fever off now *targe9*


q8othug said...

OMG happy post !!!!

Sumaiah said...

Yeah chatting with you made me wanna embrace happiness -__-

LorD AymZ said...

dancing class? where where?

and congrats to your sister on her wedding :)

Sumaiah said...

House serves lool she came to us! And I don't think you wanna learn khalejy dancing!

But all the gyms have dancing classes, you could ask there.

Thank you :)

Ambrosial said...

Teaching u how to dance Khaleji?! Lw "Samrii" Ok... lol ;p
I feel the same way... I tend to dance my troubles and worries away, it always clashes that I have a midterm the next day, so 7adi a6ali3 7ariti on the dance floor! ;p

Sumaiah said...

She tried to teach me ashba7 (AKA samrii) and nagazy (AKA badawii) bs I wasn't receptive I kept laughing lol :p

Dancing is fun, I wish we could solve all of our problems on a dance floor *morning thoughts* :p


Ayman said...

khaleeji dancing, isnt that where u clap ur hands, shake ur hips and throw ur hair from side to side?

Sumaiah said...

Yeah go ahead and make me feel like a retard will you? It's not my fault that I have a retarded hip :p


LorD AymZ said...

ive seen footage with clapping :P

and im sure u dont have a retarded hip :P

belly dancing, now thats a form of art,

if all else fails, just practice Zumba. hey, today is the wedding date! congrats! make em jealous with ur moves ;)