Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bis Bis MEOW

Ahhhhhh it's over :"D (those are tears of joy :p)

Looking back at it, the actual event wasn't really that bad! I had fun, saw friends, avoided family, danced, took pictures, nearly fainted, then danced some more :p

The day started slow, then suddenly it got hectic! We had to do some last minute shopping and change our initial plan at least a hundred times before we actually got to the salon. The salon was like a mini break, I caught up on some reading, did my hair and makeup then we went to the hall.

The most fun I had was in the bathroom with Noro and Mesho! Now now people, take your minds out of the gutter for a while! We were just hiding there because we couldn't get our 3abayas (long story short, the key to the room was missing for a while) when the groom got there.

Worst thing is that I missed dancing on galeb galbeb (yes I love that song, don't judge me!!) Because we were taking a picture that started with 3 people and ended up with 20 or so!!

Now I'm watching Alice with the kids and other than being a bit tired, I'm pretty fine :D


The Stig said...

Mabrook ;)
O el fal lech enshalla

Sumaiah said...

Allah ybarek feek :D
you know better than to say that dude! Elfal lek bro7ek -__-

Vainglorious said...

Mabroooook allah etamim 3alaihm wihaneeehm inshala :D

r.alsharif said...

Out of curiosity, what were you reading? :P
I really don't like that song bes hey! whatever makes you feel like dancing is good! :D

Sumaiah said...

Allah ybarek feech 7abebty, thank you for the kind wishes :*

I was still reading shame! I know it took me ages to finish (family drama and laziness got the best of me :p)but it's one of the best novels that I've read and I definitely recommend reading it! Speaking of books, do you have a goodreads account?

Loool I usually don't like those songs too, but I can't help dancing and singing along with this one!