Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why Won't You Bleed?

First of, happy birthday little brother :*

I'm going to try and put this in the most polite language that I could come up with, even though the polite thing would be not to post about it, but when have I ever said that I am?

Ohhh dear blog how I've missed you! And you too bloggers, but not that much I must admit, lool!
This is where I tell you to not proceed if you're not interested in my PMS induced rants.

So I've been kinda busy babysitting my nephews from hell and vowing to never have kids of my own. No one ever warned me that having doctors in the family's that consuming. Silly me, I thought that not choosing that path is the end of my problems!
My sister's new rotation has changed life as I've known it dramatically, and now having the kids sleep over twice a week and visiting on almost daily bases is the new reality. Don't get me wrong, I love helping my sister out, I'll do anything for her because she's my sister! Yes, I am a family person even though I have conflicted feelings about most of my family members, don't judge :p
But I trust you've heard of that study stating that women's tears lower men's sex drive? Well, I think that kid's tears lower my well to live!

It might also be paralyzing my uterus and driving my hormones crazy, seeing that I'm late and having the PMS symptoms from hell.

You see, ladies and gentlemen, I've grew accustomed to being the heartless emotionless bitch that no one likes but me. It's been doing me good for the past, oh I don't know, 5 years or so. Now all of a sudden that robot that I call Sumaiah have been wallowing over the fact that no one wants to love a person so emotionally crippled, so self-absorbed, and who can't love back! La3ba dor 6ay7a bchabd ro7y, elwa'63 7adda pathetic! I blame this completely on Adele, she made me want to feel.

Whatever happened to healthy (??) mood swings and crazy cravings? I used to be ok with it when it was all about that. Well, not that ok, but as ok as I could ever be. I hate being this needy, when will I finally bleed :'(

Maybe I should go out more? Problem is I hate people and can't stand having to face them! You're talking to the girl that stays in bed most of the day to avoid dealing with humanity, do you think that leaving the house is even remotely ok?

I'm starting to consider going to a therapist. And while I'm at it maybe I should go to an OB/GYN. A trip to an Optometrists is much needed too. I hate doctors, FML! :s


LorD AymZ said...

aaaaaaah, so this must be the wisdom that they say comes with age, this coming after your birthday :)

aww, all grown up now, u'll figure out lifes curve-balls, or simply swing the bat at the baller and everyone else, the choice is entirely up to u.

i dont think there are therapists in kuwait, and analyse that word before u go too, therapist (the-rapist), but then again, isnt that what a blog is for? :P

welcome back

Slashy said...

I'm considering going to a therapist again.. wallah there's nothing wrong with it. You can talk to me about it, whenever, little missy!

Love u! And hbday to ur bro

Sumaiah said...

LorD AymZ:
Loool where did you find wisdom in this post? Are you sure you're not still dehydrated from all of that running? :p

Hmmm I don't know!
Thank you :)

Good! I know that there's nothing wrong about it. It's just that I'm not sure that I could confined in someone who's sitting right in front of me! It seems that I need a therapist to be able to talk to a therapist :p

I've been meaning to e-mail you, I've missed harassing you little missy :p

Love you too baby, thank you :*