Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Doctor Stupid

I'm so mad at the universe at the moment.

Some of you already know that my best friend has MS and she's having difficulties with her studies, what with her having to leave for weeks at a time when going through an episode. Yesterday was the first day she attended classes this semester and what one of her instructors told her made her so insecure that she's actually considering dropping out!

She's a strong woman who, in spite of all the difficulties that she going through, is still managing to seek knowledge and be productive. Why would you want to put such a person down?

You're supposed to be educated, with a so called PhD, didn't they teach you how to deal with a human being without degrading them to nothing? You're nothing but a stupid asshole who's not good enough to even talk to her. I pity you for your narrow mindedness you ignorant fool!

I'm so pissed off, I could barely breath...


q8othug said...

by the fact you putting the C word here looks like you are really pissed off

perfect time to harass you

Sumaiah said...

Shut up!!
No one messes with my bitches but me! That was not cool! I really want her dead.
You too! Stop being an asshole! Yallah go disappear -___-

LorD AymZ said...

there are two schools of thought here, allow me to elaborate:

one time in a shopping mall there was a handicapped person who slipped and fell, i went to assist him in getting up, he said "no leave me" rather harshly, i was offended then i thought of this.

people that are dealing with adversity do not want to be pitied. sympathy is a form of pity.

maybe this professor is unaware of your friends battle, maybe she is and shes trying to make her stronger, maybe she is as u say.

praying for your friend,

Slashy said...

What bugs me also is how some ppl make fun of handicapped and special needs ppl... wallah there should be more awareness w ohwa malat 3alaih mo kafoo phD, tell her to be strong and not drop out w khal taksir e3yoonah eli 3asaha elbaa6 GAAAAAAH!! i'm pissed off too.

كــمـــال الـمــصــري said...

Hey SU!

Slashy said...


Sumaiah said...

LorD AymZ:
Trust me she was not trying to empower her, she was trying to crush her!

I know! People could be so stupid sometimes!!

Yeah I've notices that he's somewhat hated because of his religious views, but I love his writings.