Friday, February 11, 2011


The cake was so good but the frosting was disgustingly sugary.. Epic fail :p

I played 3anbar, flew lanterns (Mesho drew on mine :D), and ran around barefoot. I must admit that those stuff don't go well with menstruation and I'm sure going to pay for it tomorrow! Who cares though, it was AWESOME :D

I had fun today bs I'm really tired now and I have a TOEFL exam tomorrow at 8, wish me luck :D


The Reigh said...

Ooooo that looks hell a fun! How do you do that with the lanterns? *feels blond for asking* I'm glad you had fun babe! And good luck on your exam! It'll be a breeze for you I'm sure

Ambrosial said...

Wanaasaaa! I love playing 3ambar! ;p
I'm glad u had a blast, and good luck on ur exam ;)

Sumaiah said...

There's nothing to it, you need a group of people to lit them all at once and they'll fly in a pack :D

Thank you baby! Now all I have to do is wait for the results!

It was totally wanasaa!

Thank you baby :*

q8othug said...

happy birthday.

uff! ma bughaina?!
shgaiteenah shag 3ala 3eed miladich :P

Sumaiah said...

*waves the birthday wishes*

You don't see me complaining about the contents of your nerdy blog so lay off mister!!

The Stig said...

I Envy you :x

and please change your information, it says 21 years old :P

Sumaiah said...

Why? Didn't you have one of your racing thingies? :p

I just did, thanks for reminding me I forgot all about it!

r.alsharif said...

omgomgomg!!!!!!! i tried lighting one with my friends yesterday but mines caught on fire and i burned my thumb (epic fail) :P

Slashy said...

happy bday (late) baby! u know i was away