Friday, February 4, 2011

A Week To My Birthday

Ok we're back on plan again! I'm going to be in the great outdoors (not exactly, it's just a ya5our!) on my birthday :D
I'm going to fly my lanterns without worrying about burning the block down now (mom over reacted when we told her we're flying them from the house)! :p

Now for the memory part.... Ummmmmmm..... Hmmmmmmm.... Ok I'm sure I could remember something! Lool I'm just kidding! As horrible as I might make you believe my life was, it's really full of stuff that I'm really happy about :)

Ok I have it! Spring break of my last year at college, I was in a rot (aren't I always! But this time I had plenty of reasons to be depressed!). I was living my life like a zombie and couldn't even bother acting ok around people. My uncle commented about not being used to seeing me this sad and teased me about it continually. He knew that there was something really wrong because, against your common belief, I'm a really cheerful person and it takes the tinniest nudge to put me in a laughing fit.

My uncle thought that a little road trip would do me good, so my uncle Mesho my aunt and I packed for a 2 day trip to el5afjy and bahrain. We laughed, acted out, complained, and started living again! It was a much needed time away from home. Those 2 days might be the happiest most carefree days of my adult life. And of course it didn't hurt that we shopped til we dropped :p

Thank you uncle Ali for taking the time out of your life to make my life vibrant again :*

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