Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Liquid Love

Look what my 3ajmeya neighbor sent me, arabic coffee :D
Isn't that the nicest thing anyone could do? You see, I'm in love with arabic coffee but we can't make a decent coffee to save our lives. Every time we go visit them I keep praising the coffee (yes I love it that much), so they've been sending us some coffee every once in a while. They're the nicest people that I've ever met, we're blessed to have them as our neighbors.

Now as I sat thinking of something to send back tomorrow, all I could think of are cheesecakes and cookies! I don't think that 7a'6ar are good at doing anything arabic really! We're a bunch of good for nothing westernized brats!
Ok I'm done, bye yallah go away! *getting out my ingredients*


Ambrosial said...

LOOL! I LOVE ARABIC COFFEE! Send her my regards! ;p
Your sending them cheesecake?! They're "3IJMAN" NOT "Kardashian's" LOL ;p C'mon y3ni el7athr come from Bedouin roots. Now Bedouins ta7thiraw... Coz majority rules lool ;p

Anyroad there are a lot of traditional desserts u can send them... 9ab elgafshah, LGaimat... mu shr6 7lw.. 6arshoulhum yreesh ;p

I know what u mean with arabic coffee, not everyone is superior in doing it.. That's why we say Gahwaht baiyt flan or flana is lovely... I like malat baiyt khalii akhaaaih, I hope we can visit them soon ;p
and also Vainglorious' Arabic coffee is great...

It's a sensitive coffee, yabelha "7ouf" it's no latte ;p

Sumaiah said...

I'm sending a thank you note, I'll include you :p

Loool I've seriously made a cheesecake and some cookies and I'm sending them tomorrow! I don't know how to make 9ab elgafsha, lgaimat or yereesh!! They sent the coffee to me, they made it for me, so it's only normal that I send something that I've made back! It won't be right if I let my mom make something! 5alony awajeb ya a5y 5al a7es enny san3a lo marra wa7da b7ayaty :p

I'm going to make vainglorious teach me how to make it! Abeeeee more!!

LorD AymZ said...

arabic coffee and dates (not that kind of date ;P) go hand in hand, so why not look for some tasty dates and send those?

Sumaiah said...

This is a really good idea!
And I'm sure that arabic coffee would taste even better with a hunky bdewy guy :p

But why are you all making me feel bad about sending a cheesecake? *eats cookies out of frustration* I make a really delicious one *munch* I stood in the kitchen for 2 hours to get everything done *munch munch* it's not fair *stuffs face* *cry*

It's too early to be civilized, I'm allowed to be whiny :p

LorD AymZ said...

well if u made them urself then theres no gift that can top that!

but, seeing is believing, and so is tasting, so i recommend u get an impartial judge to decide on the tastiness of ur cookies, just for verification y3ni, not sayin we dont believe u, which we do.

im just hungry is all..

Sumaiah said...

Now we're talking :D

Looool what's in it for me? I'm not feeding any of you, try again buddy :p

The Reigh said...

Surprisingly Arabic coffee tastes amazing! Even though I'm also a westernised brat myself :p teehee, and I LOVE cheesecake...*moves in with your neighbour* ok you can send them the cake now :D hehehehe

Sumaiah said...

Arabic coffee is the only coffee that I'm addicted to! Oh and turkish coffee too <3

*drags you out of their house*
It doesn't work that way sister!!

Anonymous said...

loool ur making me laugh im a 3ajmeiya and we are not old fashioned at all we go to restaurants we have twitter accounts and we go to private school seriously people should stop stereotyping. :)
and we love modern sweets too..
anyway bel3afiya and P.s.: i make arabic coffee but i dont drink it :)

Sumaiah said...

Don't get me wrong I'm really not stereotyping I just wanted to send something more "Arabic" to go with the whole theme of the arabic coffee! I've eaten exotic treats at their house that I've never heard of. I was just admiring how you still manage to hold on to your heritage. I honestly was not trying to say that you're old fashioned or anything, I'm really not that narrow minded! I'm sorry if I offended you in any way though :)

Now could you send me some of that coffee *flutters her eyelashes* :p