Thursday, February 10, 2011

22 سنة من العطاء المستمر

I asked Noro to write me something for my birthday to shake things up. This is exactly what she sent:

HaPpy bIrThDaY;*
HappY BiRthDAY ;*

Kl 3am w entay bkhair ya kl el khair bkl 3am kl 3am w entay my best friend kl 3am w entay ly agrab w a'3la w a3az mn dkhal galbii kl 3am w entay ly nabth w galb w nefas kl 3am w entay ly 7beba w sadeqa w ekhet <3

3assa allah la efaregna w la ya7rmni mnch wla mn ynonech w khbalech ya a3az khebla b.denya ;p
W 3asach ma tshofen etaja3ed mbacher wla t7tajeen plastic surgery wla shad nafkh wla shaf6;pP
w 3asa 3omrech mded w t3eshen m3ay a7la ayam 3omrech( bs m3aaaay MAFHOM ) ;@ ;pP
W 3gbal ya raaaaab 1000 sna b.sa3ada w fara7 w ra7at bal w khair

;* A7bch ;*

This is me again! I'm typing to say that I just died *tears of joy*
Ok I'm not crying but I'm happy enough to think about it! Doesn't make sense? Oh well, when have I ever made sense! :p


Ambrosial said...

Awwwww get a room! Lol ;p
Semo! Kl3am wntai b2alf khair o 97aa o 3afyah.. 3saha sanaht khair, wnshallah all ur dreams come true.. Ur a lovely person believe it or not! Lol ;p, and its always fun reading ur posts.

O 3sallah la yafargkum inshallah wetamim 3laikum.
Have a great one dear;*

P.S loved the toilet seat pic. lol ;p

The Stig said...

What a nice cake! but it looks like a something dirty!

kil 3am wenty eb khair o enshalla I get to say it next year and the year after :)

enjoy being 22 and make it last for more than 500 days by having more fun and doing more new stuff.

you're one of the few bloggers that still write new stuff, not having news from the web and post them randomly.


رورو الشخبوطه said...

كل عام وانا وانتي بخير ..

ووالعمر كله يارب ..

ويارب تكون سنة خير..

The Reigh said...

Aaaaaaaah! Happy birthday! ;*
Kl 3am wentay bkhair babe! And I hope all your dreams and wishes come true ;*

Hugs hugs

Always enjoy reading your posts :D never change!
Have a great day!

Sumaiah said...

Looool I had it coming I must admit :p

Thank you honey *hugs*
I am a lovely person, aren't I!

Lool the picture was Noro's too :p

It would make one cool cake though :p

Went b5air, thank you :)

I will inshallah :D

Lool new doesn't necessarily mean good though :p

Wenty b5air :D

Thank you honey :*

The Reigh:
Thank you darling, wenty b5air *hugs*

I've done enough change! I'm just fine with the me that I am today :D
Thank you baby, I will :)

heaven said...

Happy happy birthday!:) Kell 3am o enti eb5air! Ya rab your dreams o wishes come true!

LOOL! Loved the pic! Never thought of an idea like that:p

Anonymous said...

kl 3am wentii b5aaair o 97a wsalamah. inshalla all your wishes come true. allah y5leelch noroo her msg is wayed cuuuute mashalla ;p
ENJOOOY YOUR DAY and update us on the old games you will play ;p


Sumaiah said...

Thank you love *hugs*

Lool yeah I loved the picture too!

Wenty b5air, thank you honey :*
Noro is the cutest :)

We played 3anbar and I'm in sweet pain right now :D

greak said...

kl 3am oo entay b5eer

Sumaiah said...

Thank you dear, wenta b5air :)