Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grocery list?

Yes this is my hand writing, shut up! Who needs to write now when we could all type? Stop laughing zain it's not funny!!

I'm used to buying what I need or calling mom and telling her what I want but yesterday mom wanted me to write it down so she wouldn't forget. I wrote everything that I wanted and gave mom the list and she started laughing! I had to read it back to her and she was hysterically laughing and then my sister came and started laughing too! I don't think that it's that bad, do you? Next time I'm printing it out!

5arofty (my nephew) turned 1 today, happy birthday 3alaweee :*


Ambrosial said...

Honestly.. I don't see any problem in ur handwriting! Ur arabic handwriting is even better than english! How did that happen?! lol ;p

You should see Vainglorious' handwriting! LOL I tried reading my birthday card, I felt dyslexic! lool YES it's that bad, she's gonna deny it! But, I have proof! ;p

Ma yswa u type a grocery list! It's more sincere that way ;p feels like u really want those chocolate chips! lol ;p

Ambrosial said...

Oh and Happy Birthday to 3alaawi! Allah ybalghkum fh m3rs inshallah ;)

Sumaiah said...

You really think so! I'm gonna have to start liking you now :p

Loool I don't know! I could never get it pretty! Maybe it's because I have short fingers :p

Looool I was going to write the chocolate chips in arabic too bs I thought that it's going to look ridiculous! A7la shay el nuggets, I was asking mom if nuggets are written with a ج or a ق، chan ta9demny b7ayate wetgoly you could've written it in english! You see, mom used to teach arabic (the irony!) So she always tells us to communicate in arabic. I guess she didn't want to read a poor written arabic, and she didn't care if I butchered english with my hand writing :p

Thank you honey :*

Anonymous said...

your handwriting is good!! u dont want to see mine!! u wont understand anything!
Happy birthday to 3alawii!


Sumaiah said...

Heeey, you've been missed here :*

I thought it wasn't so bad bs shakekony :s
Loool I'm sure that yours is not that bad too! Thank you baby :*

Vainglorious said...

Dont believe anything Ambrosial said!! My handwriting is pretty! She's just jealous coz its "unique"! and her evidence is not considered valid coz the pen was crappy! So its not my bad!

lol seriously speaking, my handwriting is terrible it hasn't changed since the 3rd grade! ;p

Happy birthday to 3alawy :)

Sumaiah said...

Maybe it's a "February Babies" thing! To think of it, I have a friend who's also born in February and has terrible handwriting. Yes it must be February's fault :p

Thank you honey :*