Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February <3

February's finally here! No more negativity for the next couple of weeks. Everything's going rosy red (that's the equivalent of baby pink to me :p) and pretty because yours truly was born on the 11th :D

Yes I was into chinese astrology in high school you could stop laughing now! This book was like a bible to me. I used to ask people about their chinese sign and go home and read about it, I don't miss those days!! Anyways, what's your chinese sign?
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LorD AymZ said...

happy birthday in advance

Ambrosial said...

Wanasa ma buga shay ;)
I don't know what's my sign! Look it up for me, Jan 4th.. let's hear the cool stuff about me ;p

Sumaiah said...

LorD Aymz:
Thank you, that's sweet of you :*

7adda wanasa :D
It doesn't work that way, give me a year! I'm going to guess that you're born on 1988? If so then you're a dragon! And if you're a dragon just google it or something, I can't be bothered to type it for you, I have more important stuff to take care of! *walks around the living room* *sits on the sofa* *watches TV* :p

Vainglorious said...


yes ambrosial is a dragon and so am i. We're super cool. Well I know I am, not so sure about her ;p

Yesss February is the bestest month of them all :D
Its the time of the year when Santa comes out of your toilet (what? we don't have chimneys) and brings you little elves to enslave :D

Happy biirthday in advance hope you have a great one :D

q8othug said...

انا من برج الصخلة


تدرين صار في ضجة على الابراج تغيروا مادري شنو

Sumaiah said...

Loool dragons suck a9lan! So what if you're a majestic mythical creature, snakes are real and they can kill :p

All hail February the bestest month of all, and all hail the ladies born on February, may they grow more charming and prosper :D
Santa sucks, I hate the guy! *closes the toilet lid and sits on it*

Thank you honey, and happy birth month to you (yes we're that special we're celebrated the whole month :p)

Looool I'm not going to comment on that :p
Ee I've heard! I used to be an Aquarius but I'm supposedly a capricorn now! I guess I should get a new bookmark! :p

Am I the only person who went through a chinese astrology phase!! It's based on you're birth year, what's yours?