Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Countdown

Next friday I'll be turning 22 yaaaaaaaay! Lool I know that you've heard plenty about it already but you'll hear even more whether you like it or not :p
I'm starting a countdown for the joyous occasion. Though I'm not sure what's the subject of the posts should be about! I'll probably write about memories or something but don't worry I'll dig up some good memories, I embrace positiveness around my birthday :p

I had a short lived scare as I was searching for the perfect chocolate cake recipe for my birthday cake while still in bed and refusing to get out and face humanity. I already made the cake once and it came out heavenly, but me being me I lost the recipe. I could've sworn that it was joy the baker's recipe and I nearly died (exaggerating again :p) looking for it over and over again with no success. I then went to my best friend google and typed what I remembered was the cake's name and apparently it wasn't joy's :p

After boring you with that story, yes I'm admitting that I, Sumaiah will be making my own birthday cake. This is particularly disturbing because I don't have the patience to make and decorate cakes. I'll be frosting while the cake is still warm and end up with a lopsided goowy mess. But (yes there's a but), it's my birthday! I love birthdays! And most important of all, I love me! I'll do anything to get in the mood of celebrating me!

Will it turn out perfect? Most definitely not! Will it taste good? I've made it before and it was so moist and gorgeous but I made the mistake of frosting it with espresso cream (I was PMSing and craving coffee), let's say that not everybody was craving strong coffee :p
This time I'm making it with peanut butter (that's what I'm craving this time!) cream cheese frosting *feeling fuzzy inside* so if I didn't fuck it up it'll be the cake of my dreams :D

Loool that post sounds martha stewart-y minus the superiority complex :p


Vainglorious said...

loool look at you all excited :D I hope you pass that excitement bug to me

Perfect or not who cares ilmuhm u enjoy it ;)

Sumaiah said...

Why aren't you excited! Birthdays are fun fun fun :D
Be happy or I won't bake you that imaginary cookie :p

Yeah I'm making it for me after all and I really don't care if they all hated it, they're still going to eat it :p

Anonymous said...

Inshalla doom exited chithiii!
Happy bday مقدمن ;p


Anonymous said...

EXCITED** loool

q8othug said...

what do you want for a present ?

Ambrosial said...

LOOL @ The Martha Stewart part! I'm excited, and looking forward to Vainglorious' Birthday more than I was for mine! lol ;p and I'm anxious too! This feels like turning 23 again! LOL ;P

Peanut butter sounds good! Throw some strawberry jam in it, and nutella... sounds good in my head! lol ;p

Inshallah u have fun, and I hope it works out the way u want ;)

Sumaiah said...

Thank you baby :*
I wouldn't have even noticed that typo if you didn't point it out loool!

World peace :p

Loool what's with nutella today!! I'm PMSing so please no one brings up any food discussions because I'll end up craving it! :p
It'll never work the way I want because I tend to want stuff that would never happen, but I'll make it awesome so don't you worry about that :D
Oo happy 2nd birthday to you :p

Slashy said...

Shino tabeen hadeya?

Sumaiah said...

Social justice :p