Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Anti-Kids Post

Before my sisters got married and had kid we were happily old and self dependent. The youngest in our household is 3amoor who's 17 going 18 on march. So when the kids came they brought their own set of changes and rules! We weren't allowed to keep our cat and any talk of new pets was immediately dismissed (yes I used to care for animals and I had feelings and all). We had to remove all sharp objects and base all decoration discission around the kids safety and well being. We had to give our basement away for them to wreck and destroy.

Are we happy about the changes? Most definitely not! Are we taking it without a fight? Unfortunately yes, for who would rob kids of their childhood (I would if it was MY house! Oh sue me for not caring!!). Don't get me wrong, I could love a kid for a couple of hours, What I hate is having to organize my life around one! I made the discission of not having a kid, so why should I suffer for someone else's mistakes?

It's Saturday, the kids are over *hides under the covers*


Slashy said...

I can't imagine my life without pets. Wallah I'd kill the kids just to keep Toby!

Bas pets are friendly with kids.. you need to tell them that! Convince them... especially puppies they love kids.

Sumaiah said...

The cat didn't like the kids and she kinda ehm lost her mind and gone mad :p

I'm not a dog person! They make me uneasy, no offence to Toby :p

عفيسه said...

الله يكون في عونج
الصراحه انا صرت جدة وودي اقلب الدنيا علشان حفيدي
البيت كله انعفس بس اشوه محد متضايق
انا مو قصدي ابدا اضايقج بس لما تصيرين ام يصير ودج الكل يغير الدنيا علشان ولدج
الله يخليج قوليلي من وين هالنطاطيه الحلوه ودي اجيب وحده علشان دقووري

Sumaiah said...

أهلين حبيبتي لا أكيد ما ضايقتيني!
النطاطية يايبينها من فانتسي وورلد.
الله يخليلج عيالج و احفادج و مشكورة عالكومنت :)

عفيسه said...

واخيرا لقيت بلوغج ضيعته من عفيستي
شكرا حبيبتي سميه على المعلومات
الله يخليج لكل حبايبج ويفرحج ولا يزعل احد منج
وعيد ميلاد سعيد مقدما