Monday, February 7, 2011

4 Days To My Birthday

We're getting there folks, hang in there :p

Today we're talking songs! You know how some songs are linked to certain persons or certain events. Well I'm basically going to list some of the songs that I hate listening to and why and the songs that I smile when I listen to and the reason behind that. I've never linked in here and I'm not about to start doing that (1- I blog from my BB and can't link, 2- even if I could I wouldn't bother :p), so if you want you can google!

Songs I hate:
- Please Don't Leave Me - P!nk:
I'm not saying that I'm so special and hard to get over (though I really am :p), but someone found me to be all of that and sent me a video with that song on the background after I told them that it's not working! Well, I find this song really irritating now because of that.

- Playing God - Paramore:
This song reminds me of my dad! It's like it's written for him.

- Whip My Hair - Willow Smith:
My stupid cousin singes it in a way that makes him look retarded. Plus, it's really annoying.

- Avril Lavigne Under My Skin album:
It reminds me of my teenagehood.

Songs I love:
- Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly
I used to go outside in the rain and sing this song. I still feel rain-drenched and happy when I listen to it.

- Que Sera Sera - Doris Day
Noro always sings off tune and murders any song that comes out of her mouth. You should hear the way she sings this song! Trust me you won't stop laughing.

- So What - P!nk:
It's an empowering breakup song.

- These are A Few of My Favorite Things - Julie Andrews:
I just love singing it loud like I'm in a musical myself :p

- Fuck You - Lily Allen:
It's for some of the male figures in my life!

- Fuck You - Cee Lo Green:
Another empowering song.

- Pretty Girl Rock - Keri Hillson:
"Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful" :p

Now tell me some of yours? :)


q8othug said...

Ooooo, music post !

i have sooo many things to mention here. sadly im not going to tell because its super private :>

teetee teetee zayyi ma ru7tee geetee

p.s. kudos on the que sera sera and ceelo green

Anonymous said...

- One in a million - Bosson:
Reminds me of a very good person that was very close to me who i chose to leave for some reasons

- As long as you love me - Back street boys:
My cousins and i made me hate it by singing it on the karaoke . Our voices ROCK. Not!


Sumaiah said...

I'll make you tell me :p

One in a million reminds me of miss congeniality :p

Looool that's why I'll never sing anything in public :p