Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 Days To My Birthday

We found a dead bunny in my aunts backyard. I'm not sympathetic or disgusted because I really hate bunnies! They annoy me, they look evil! Yeah, I know it doesn't make sense huh! Well, shut up!

Once upon a time yours truly loved animals! We (Saro, Mesho, 3amoor and I) used to rescue injured street cats and nurse them to recovery. Then when we got older we got our own cat who then gave birth to 5 bastards (lool half persian half street cat) of which we kept one. We named her Anjo and she was the cutest!! Everybody used to say that she looked a bit like me, I don't know how they figured that out! :p

I still remember how tissue paper used to drive her crazy. How she loved having her fur blow-dried. How she radiated heat when she sat on my lap and purred her way into my heart. This almost makes me want a cat!

Unfortunately Anjo lost her mind so we had to send her away. I didn't like animals that much ever since.

Tell me a pet story!


LorD AymZ said...

i owned:
2 parots; houdini and his lady; we rescued houdini after his previous owner plucked his feathers so he couldnt fly, and he could expertly escape any cage, regardless of our precautions. his "mate" could fly so i guess she made him feel impotent. she flew away, he broke his neck trying to escape his cage.

2 lovebirds; loved them, they were shagging like crazy but i guess the AC made it so the eggs wouldnt hatch. went on vacation, left em with a friend, he left em in the balcony and in the heat of kuwait, u get the picture.

2 canaries; said friend replaced the birds with canaries, but i felt betrayed and was negligent. they still haunt me.

1 cat; stolen by forces unknown. loved owning a cat tho; except the fur all over the place, i could do without that.

1 tortoise; again, heat of kuwait...

i dont see the point behind fish as "pets". they're more like decorations.

Sumaiah said...

You love birds I see! I remember having a parrot when I was very young it stayed with us for a long time and then dad said the it flew away! It never left it's cage before so we guessed that it died!
Poor houdini he's like the little engine that couldn't!!

Loool we killed plenty of fishies I think we disturbed the ecosystem :p

Anonymous said...

Rabbits: Oh god, i feel sorry for them. my relatives and brother were throwing them and torturing them till they died!

Parrots: I dont know why they died but they did

Monkey: He used to climb the curtains in the house and my parents told us to put him in the garden so in few days he was dead by the sun.

Ducks and small colored Chickens : small kids 5ngoohn lain ma mataw!


Vainglorious said...

I had all kinds of pets growing up.. But I hate cats. I'm not a cat person. Well thats what I was until I got tequila! She's the cutest kitty ever! Lol 7adha insane she cracks me up with her madness so adorable!

We used to have a talking parrot he was awesome too. Used to whistle and call out "TAXI" all the time. The crazy thing used to mock my parents when they talk ;p

and we have a stupid gay dog. I rather not talk about him ;p

heaven said...

I have pet stories! Well since you don't feel sympathy for bunnies, I'm gonna tell you about my two pet bunnies first. I owned them when I was like eight.

I got them for my birthday, and I wanted to brag about them so I took 'em to school for a week. Girls played with them, ma9a3ohom and they squished them & all sorts of horrible stuff. One of them got handicapped and stopped moving, 60 mins after he was handicapped,he died, our class teacher buried him in the school's zoo and my friends and I cried over him. LOOL!

A week after the 1st bunny died, the other one got diaharea & he sort of died too. LOOL.

Hamsters: Fed them too much until they got overweight and died.

Love birds: Froze to death -literaally. I kept them in a very very cold room!

Fish: Lots of 'em. fourteen. My siblings & I played animal torture with 'em, we used to catch them from their little bowl and refuse to let them breathe for 5 mins. Eventually they died.

Turtles: Lost them in our car. Never found them.

Cats: Lost them, threw them, left them behind, you name it:p

Puppy: Parents got tired of him, gave him to our farmer.

That's not the end:p

The Reigh said...

Firstly, WOMAN I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU DON'T TAKE BACK WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT BUNNIES....*cough* I adore bunnies, they're the cutest lil furballs ever...and that's sad! finding one dead like that :(

anyways...pet stories! *dances*

my first pet was a kitten, we had to send it away coz it was dying...then I got turtles...brother flushed it down the toilet :'(
then I got lovebirds...and I set one free and the other one died of depression.....then I got more turtles...then they died, and then I got chickens, and a street cat ate them :(

and nooooow, I have a kitty! named coco, who eats almost everything under the sun! and goes insane with balls of tissue as well :p

Sumaiah said...

Monkey! I hate monkeys too, it's a good thing that it died :p
Oo 3yalkom mojremeen ma '6al shay ma thba7o :p

Cats are the coolest!
Oo how come all of your pets are either stupid or crazy! *calls animal protection*
The only way I could love a dog is if it's gay, so he's cool by me :p

Loool at least you all felt remorse :p

You tortured your fishes! I stabbed a dead fish once trying to push it down the drain and nearly cried :p

The Reigh:
Whatever! Everything dies, even your precious bunnies :p

Animal murderer! I give coco a couple of months before she joins the dead :p
Looool I tease I tease! I give her a year :p