Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 Days To My Birthday

3azezany drew Mesho, himself and I! I must admit that they could be cute sometimes (there, I've said it!).

This is dragging on forever! Even I am running out of enthusiasm -___-

One of my friends and I went to the scientific center for a walk today (very early today!). I had a lot of fun, the weather was magical and I enjoyed naming the beach cats in my head and picking the cutest. There was this cool swing that I wanted to take home. I'll go hunting for something that looks like it.

I remember when the scientific center first opened and how excited we all were. I can't seem to remember the first I-max movie that we've attended! I've been driving myself crazy trying to remember but I couldn't!

I'm going to see Noro on sundaaaaaaaaaay :D
I can't wait! I haven't seen here since I don't know... Tooo long! I'm so happy for her because she finally got what she wanted! No she's not getting married, how sexist of you to jump to that conclusion!! And unfortunately they didn't discover a cure for MS! She finally switched majors :)
She's been wanting to do that but she had to drop out of a couple of courses because of crucial health issues. Now she did it :D
Mabrook 7abebty oo 3o2bal ma ashoofech 5ereja :*


The Stig said...

Yalla ma 9arat birthday!

Sumaiah said...

Shut up and wait for 2 more days!
I've been doing this for a whole week now and if your bored I'm 10X more bored so EN6ER WENT SAKET :@

I'm embracing positiveness I'm embracing positiveness I'm embracing positiveness! Look what you made me do now!!

This is my way of telling you that you've been missed :p

Ambrosial said...

LOOOOL! (Ityeeb elshai 7ag rou7ik Ya Stig!) E wallah in6r! No body complained when u did the new years count down! lol ;p

Semo take all the time you want! ;p

I'm glad u'll be seeing ur buddy on Sunday Yaaay for u ;)

Sumaiah said...

Loool I was trying to be civil tarra :p

Shdarany 3anna 9ej neshba! 7a6 doba oo doby shofy :(

Thank you honey yallah ma bega shay :D