Tuesday, February 22, 2011

While I was Away

Wow! It's been a while since I last posted, I think I might've forgotten how to do it! I don't know what to post about so I'm just going to update you on some of the things that I've been up to lately:

- I went to a funeral. This is a big deal to me since it's only the third funeral that I've attended. I usually pass on funerals but I loved the deceased so much that I had to be there. I expected it to be weird bs surprisingly it was not! Even in her passing away she was still welcoming us through the smiling content faces of her family. May she rest in peace..

- Exactly 11 days ago I decided that I wanted to apply for the masters program of KU Graduate college. This wasn't my initial plan, but I guess you win some and lose some! I took the TOEFL exam on the 12th and yesterday the results came out really good so I applied immediately. I still have to wait and see if I get accepted into the program or not, but I have to say that I'm already having mixed feelings about this.

- I obsessed over an RPG game called "Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll" for like three days. My little brother told me that he'll finish it before I do and I went crazy! Lool I'm not kidding it was all I could think of. I'm a very sore loser and I take challenges very seriously. I got over it now because 3amoor doesn't play fair! He has the PS3 locked in his room and never gives to me until it's midnight, and I'm too old to stay up all night just to play! Now we're just bonding over it. I go to his room more often than before just to call him a cheater and give him playing advises even though he's 30 Levels ahead of me :p

- Went to the campus in kaifan with Mesho. This is an experience on it's own! I don't know where to start, but it's safe to say that it was one of my least favorite places to be in! It got really better near the end since I got to hang around the coolest girls on campus. They made me want to go through the agony again.

That's all I feel like writing right now. Plus, I don't want to bore you to death, not yet :p
So, what have you all been up to?

Friday, February 11, 2011


The cake was so good but the frosting was disgustingly sugary.. Epic fail :p

I played 3anbar, flew lanterns (Mesho drew on mine :D), and ran around barefoot. I must admit that those stuff don't go well with menstruation and I'm sure going to pay for it tomorrow! Who cares though, it was AWESOME :D

I had fun today bs I'm really tired now and I have a TOEFL exam tomorrow at 8, wish me luck :D

Thursday, February 10, 2011

22 سنة من العطاء المستمر

I asked Noro to write me something for my birthday to shake things up. This is exactly what she sent:

HaPpy bIrThDaY;*
HappY BiRthDAY ;*

Kl 3am w entay bkhair ya kl el khair bkl 3am kl 3am w entay my best friend kl 3am w entay ly agrab w a'3la w a3az mn dkhal galbii kl 3am w entay ly nabth w galb w nefas kl 3am w entay ly 7beba w sadeqa w ekhet <3

3assa allah la efaregna w la ya7rmni mnch wla mn ynonech w khbalech ya a3az khebla b.denya ;p
W 3asach ma tshofen etaja3ed mbacher wla t7tajeen plastic surgery wla shad nafkh wla shaf6;pP
w 3asa 3omrech mded w t3eshen m3ay a7la ayam 3omrech( bs m3aaaay MAFHOM ) ;@ ;pP
W 3gbal ya raaaaab 1000 sna b.sa3ada w fara7 w ra7at bal w khair

;* A7bch ;*

This is me again! I'm typing to say that I just died *tears of joy*
Ok I'm not crying but I'm happy enough to think about it! Doesn't make sense? Oh well, when have I ever made sense! :p

1 Day To Go..

This is the face of the tinny devil that I slept (he slept, I was awake because he snored and kept kicking and punching me!) with yesterday! His grandma (my sister's mother in law) passed away last night and their mom wasn't in a state to care after anyone. Everyone was crying around the kids so I volunteered to take them because I can't process death! I cry over cold bath water, I cry when I'm exhausted, I cry if someone woke me up for no reason, but I can't cry over the loss of someone. Guilt is my way of dealing with loss.

I feel guilty for being happy! I feel guilty for being put together and in control. I feel guilty for celebrating life while she passed away!

She was one of the nicest people that I've ever met. I never heard her say something bad about anybody or to anybody. She always made sure that everybody is ok at all times. She spoiled the kids rotten and could never say no.

RIP Rabe3a, you'll always live on in our hearts :*

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 Days To My Birthday

3azezany drew Mesho, himself and I! I must admit that they could be cute sometimes (there, I've said it!).

This is dragging on forever! Even I am running out of enthusiasm -___-

One of my friends and I went to the scientific center for a walk today (very early today!). I had a lot of fun, the weather was magical and I enjoyed naming the beach cats in my head and picking the cutest. There was this cool swing that I wanted to take home. I'll go hunting for something that looks like it.

I remember when the scientific center first opened and how excited we all were. I can't seem to remember the first I-max movie that we've attended! I've been driving myself crazy trying to remember but I couldn't!

I'm going to see Noro on sundaaaaaaaaaay :D
I can't wait! I haven't seen here since I don't know... Tooo long! I'm so happy for her because she finally got what she wanted! No she's not getting married, how sexist of you to jump to that conclusion!! And unfortunately they didn't discover a cure for MS! She finally switched majors :)
She's been wanting to do that but she had to drop out of a couple of courses because of crucial health issues. Now she did it :D
Mabrook 7abebty oo 3o2bal ma ashoofech 5ereja :*

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 Days To My Birthday

We found a dead bunny in my aunts backyard. I'm not sympathetic or disgusted because I really hate bunnies! They annoy me, they look evil! Yeah, I know it doesn't make sense huh! Well, shut up!

Once upon a time yours truly loved animals! We (Saro, Mesho, 3amoor and I) used to rescue injured street cats and nurse them to recovery. Then when we got older we got our own cat who then gave birth to 5 bastards (lool half persian half street cat) of which we kept one. We named her Anjo and she was the cutest!! Everybody used to say that she looked a bit like me, I don't know how they figured that out! :p

I still remember how tissue paper used to drive her crazy. How she loved having her fur blow-dried. How she radiated heat when she sat on my lap and purred her way into my heart. This almost makes me want a cat!

Unfortunately Anjo lost her mind so we had to send her away. I didn't like animals that much ever since.

Tell me a pet story!

Monday, February 7, 2011

4 Days To My Birthday

We're getting there folks, hang in there :p

Today we're talking songs! You know how some songs are linked to certain persons or certain events. Well I'm basically going to list some of the songs that I hate listening to and why and the songs that I smile when I listen to and the reason behind that. I've never linked in here and I'm not about to start doing that (1- I blog from my BB and can't link, 2- even if I could I wouldn't bother :p), so if you want you can google!

Songs I hate:
- Please Don't Leave Me - P!nk:
I'm not saying that I'm so special and hard to get over (though I really am :p), but someone found me to be all of that and sent me a video with that song on the background after I told them that it's not working! Well, I find this song really irritating now because of that.

- Playing God - Paramore:
This song reminds me of my dad! It's like it's written for him.

- Whip My Hair - Willow Smith:
My stupid cousin singes it in a way that makes him look retarded. Plus, it's really annoying.

- Avril Lavigne Under My Skin album:
It reminds me of my teenagehood.

Songs I love:
- Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly
I used to go outside in the rain and sing this song. I still feel rain-drenched and happy when I listen to it.

- Que Sera Sera - Doris Day
Noro always sings off tune and murders any song that comes out of her mouth. You should hear the way she sings this song! Trust me you won't stop laughing.

- So What - P!nk:
It's an empowering breakup song.

- These are A Few of My Favorite Things - Julie Andrews:
I just love singing it loud like I'm in a musical myself :p

- Fuck You - Lily Allen:
It's for some of the male figures in my life!

- Fuck You - Cee Lo Green:
Another empowering song.

- Pretty Girl Rock - Keri Hillson:
"Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful" :p

Now tell me some of yours? :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

5 Days To My Birthday

My stomach is slightly upset because of my latest craving! It's not for the faint hearted :p

An old friend of mine have contacted Noro because she wanted my pin. When Noro asked me if she should give her my pin I said no! I know that she's a nice person and she was a good friend. It might be that I'm still hurt that she abandoned me at a time when I needed a friend the most! I might've not called and asked for help but I was so tired that I was becoming physically ill. Well never mind it's over, we're over, time to move on :)

Since we're on the subject of friends today's memory's going to be about, you guessed it, friends!

It was my 20th birthday, my friends surprised me with a birthday party. There was decoration and drawing on the walls with finger paint and a cake and all. That was the first time someone did something like that for me! I almost always was the only force celebrating my existence :p

I can't deny that it was good having the attention, but I have to say that I'd rather do things on my terms :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

6 Days To My Birthday

The kids have worn themselves out so it's safe to start breathing again.

Today's memory's related to kids since I love working on themes and today is saturday after all! I remember growing up in my grandfather's house and the games I use to play with my cousins and siblings. We didn't have playstations, xboxs, and wiis. We had a 7oush and each other and that was more than enough.

I remember crying the day we moved out of my grandfather's house. And even when my aunts comforted me by telling me that I could visit anytime I was inconsolable! That's how much I loved it there. I miss playing romooz and 3anbar, '3omai'6a 5eshaisha 7ay elmeed bar ba7ar and alwan weshay6an! Maybe I should convince everybody to play them with me on my birthday :p

Another Anti-Kids Post

Before my sisters got married and had kid we were happily old and self dependent. The youngest in our household is 3amoor who's 17 going 18 on march. So when the kids came they brought their own set of changes and rules! We weren't allowed to keep our cat and any talk of new pets was immediately dismissed (yes I used to care for animals and I had feelings and all). We had to remove all sharp objects and base all decoration discission around the kids safety and well being. We had to give our basement away for them to wreck and destroy.

Are we happy about the changes? Most definitely not! Are we taking it without a fight? Unfortunately yes, for who would rob kids of their childhood (I would if it was MY house! Oh sue me for not caring!!). Don't get me wrong, I could love a kid for a couple of hours, What I hate is having to organize my life around one! I made the discission of not having a kid, so why should I suffer for someone else's mistakes?

It's Saturday, the kids are over *hides under the covers*

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Week To My Birthday

Ok we're back on plan again! I'm going to be in the great outdoors (not exactly, it's just a ya5our!) on my birthday :D
I'm going to fly my lanterns without worrying about burning the block down now (mom over reacted when we told her we're flying them from the house)! :p

Now for the memory part.... Ummmmmmm..... Hmmmmmmm.... Ok I'm sure I could remember something! Lool I'm just kidding! As horrible as I might make you believe my life was, it's really full of stuff that I'm really happy about :)

Ok I have it! Spring break of my last year at college, I was in a rot (aren't I always! But this time I had plenty of reasons to be depressed!). I was living my life like a zombie and couldn't even bother acting ok around people. My uncle commented about not being used to seeing me this sad and teased me about it continually. He knew that there was something really wrong because, against your common belief, I'm a really cheerful person and it takes the tinniest nudge to put me in a laughing fit.

My uncle thought that a little road trip would do me good, so my uncle Mesho my aunt and I packed for a 2 day trip to el5afjy and bahrain. We laughed, acted out, complained, and started living again! It was a much needed time away from home. Those 2 days might be the happiest most carefree days of my adult life. And of course it didn't hurt that we shopped til we dropped :p

Thank you uncle Ali for taking the time out of your life to make my life vibrant again :*

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Countdown

Next friday I'll be turning 22 yaaaaaaaay! Lool I know that you've heard plenty about it already but you'll hear even more whether you like it or not :p
I'm starting a countdown for the joyous occasion. Though I'm not sure what's the subject of the posts should be about! I'll probably write about memories or something but don't worry I'll dig up some good memories, I embrace positiveness around my birthday :p

I had a short lived scare as I was searching for the perfect chocolate cake recipe for my birthday cake while still in bed and refusing to get out and face humanity. I already made the cake once and it came out heavenly, but me being me I lost the recipe. I could've sworn that it was joy the baker's recipe and I nearly died (exaggerating again :p) looking for it over and over again with no success. I then went to my best friend google and typed what I remembered was the cake's name and apparently it wasn't joy's :p

After boring you with that story, yes I'm admitting that I, Sumaiah will be making my own birthday cake. This is particularly disturbing because I don't have the patience to make and decorate cakes. I'll be frosting while the cake is still warm and end up with a lopsided goowy mess. But (yes there's a but), it's my birthday! I love birthdays! And most important of all, I love me! I'll do anything to get in the mood of celebrating me!

Will it turn out perfect? Most definitely not! Will it taste good? I've made it before and it was so moist and gorgeous but I made the mistake of frosting it with espresso cream (I was PMSing and craving coffee), let's say that not everybody was craving strong coffee :p
This time I'm making it with peanut butter (that's what I'm craving this time!) cream cheese frosting *feeling fuzzy inside* so if I didn't fuck it up it'll be the cake of my dreams :D

Loool that post sounds martha stewart-y minus the superiority complex :p

Off Granddaughter Duties

I'm up tooooooo early because I was supposed to go with my grandmother to the hospital. I set my alarm and prepared myself for the day ahead but no one came to make sure that I'm up, so I'm staying in bed I guess :p

I love my grandmother! Even though she's mean and grumpy and nothing's ever good enough for her I still do love her. And even if my dad is this messed up because she's his mom I'm not cautious around her as much as I am around him!

I didn't use to like her when I was younger bs now I don't know it's like she grew up on me or something! But don't worry I started not liking most of the family to balance it up :p

I can't go back to sleep now, and I don't want to get out of bed... I'm hungry what should I do? :s

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grocery list?

Yes this is my hand writing, shut up! Who needs to write now when we could all type? Stop laughing zain it's not funny!!

I'm used to buying what I need or calling mom and telling her what I want but yesterday mom wanted me to write it down so she wouldn't forget. I wrote everything that I wanted and gave mom the list and she started laughing! I had to read it back to her and she was hysterically laughing and then my sister came and started laughing too! I don't think that it's that bad, do you? Next time I'm printing it out!

5arofty (my nephew) turned 1 today, happy birthday 3alaweee :*

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Liquid Love

Look what my 3ajmeya neighbor sent me, arabic coffee :D
Isn't that the nicest thing anyone could do? You see, I'm in love with arabic coffee but we can't make a decent coffee to save our lives. Every time we go visit them I keep praising the coffee (yes I love it that much), so they've been sending us some coffee every once in a while. They're the nicest people that I've ever met, we're blessed to have them as our neighbors.

Now as I sat thinking of something to send back tomorrow, all I could think of are cheesecakes and cookies! I don't think that 7a'6ar are good at doing anything arabic really! We're a bunch of good for nothing westernized brats!
Ok I'm done, bye yallah go away! *getting out my ingredients*

Girl Power

This is to all the strong ladies out there. ROCK ON :D

Yes I'm gaying this up because you wouldn't let me comment! In your face :p

February <3

February's finally here! No more negativity for the next couple of weeks. Everything's going rosy red (that's the equivalent of baby pink to me :p) and pretty because yours truly was born on the 11th :D

Yes I was into chinese astrology in high school you could stop laughing now! This book was like a bible to me. I used to ask people about their chinese sign and go home and read about it, I don't miss those days!! Anyways, what's your chinese sign?
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