Sunday, January 23, 2011

Typing Away the Awkwardness

- My aunt asked me to teach her brats math.. She asked ME!! I can't deal with kids, I don't like children, and most important of all, I DON'T TEACH IDIOTS!!
And I don't like math! I mean I'm good at it, but I'm not passionate about it. Any ways, I ended up telling them that they're stupid and I'm not wasting my time on them if they're not welling to learn. The boy sat on his ass and listened but the she-monster pouted and complained so I told her to get out of my face or I'll cause her serious damage :p

- My sister just got married to the person that she's been in love with for the past 3 years. So it's only normal that she's glowing and acting all lovey dovey and what not. Don't get me wrong I'm really happy for her, I've seen their love grow and I don't think that anyone's as ecstatic about this more than I am. It's just that the blushing, the sparkling eyes, the inside jokes and flirting gets to be too much sometimes. When are they gonna get a room and use that love in a productive way rather than using it to make me nauseous!

- The weather's been very nice lately but I think that I might've weakened my immune system by staying at home. Now every time I leave home, I manage to come back with a cold.

- I think that Good Eats might be my favorite show ever! Where else can you find science and cooking combined in one magical program. I think I'm abandoning E! and going back to food network, I'm sick of reruns!

- My dad's sister and her daughter are visiting us. I always feel awkward when my dad's relatives come by. They always forget my name and keep asking me what grade I'm in :s
That's why I decided to ignore them all and write this post so I won't have to make small talks or any type of effort to bond with them! I think I stayed long enough and no one will be offended if I left right?


Anonymous said...

"so I told her to get out of my face or I'll cause her serious damage :p " 7laailha loool
i cant understand math in arabic its HARD!


The Stig said...

How come you can't get someone to love you for 3 years and then merry you ;p

Sumaiah said...

Mo ya7lailha! I would've hit her if I was into hitting kids!
Math gives me a headache, chemistry's my passion *hearts*

That's because no guy is good enough for me! Plus, I'm a free spirit and I can't be grounded.
Oo ba3dain ga3da 3alla chabdek elly taby t9arefny chethy :p