Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sleep Sucks!

I'm having sleep issues, it's either I'm getting plenty or too little! In an effort to fix my sleeping pattern to somewhat normal, I managed to ruin it even more (didn't think that was possible!). Sleeping from 1-4 AM is not enough! And to top it all, I managed to hurt my back while taking that stupid nap!

Ok I'm done complaining for now! I'm only writing this to fight the urge to handle my extremely moist chocolate cake while it's still warm! As you can see I've already started poking at it which made it crumble :(
I didn't feel like frosting it all the way, but now I have to hide the ugliness!

Fifth gear suck! Those guys are nerdy and not funny, unlike top gear's cast!! Discovery channel is too nerdy to be watched first thing in the morning. This is me trying not to complain :p

Ok I give up! I'm going to go ruin that cake :D


The Stig said...

Ma 7ashna Shay men Hal cake!

And is fifth gear still on? I thought they said no more fifth gear since it is not generating money from ads anymore.

Top Gear and BBC are in deep shit now after they made fun of Muslims women wearig. Niqab in one of thier episodes. But I admit they're funny.

q8othug said...

Behemoth chocolate cake is behemoth

Sumaiah said...

The stig:
It looks so very ugly with the droopy frosting and the crumbling cake. Good thing that it tastes heavenly. So 7atta lo I was considering giving you some, I won't lanna I don't give out ugly food:p

So that's the deal! I've been wondering what went wrong but I'm too lazy to care! :p
As for fifth gear, it might be a rerun. It was my first and last time watching those stupid guys.

Big is good baby ;p

Vainglorious said...

That's a cake?! I thought it was a burger!

Sumaiah said...

It's a chocolate cake, it's supposed to look like this! *hateful look*
Looool it does look like a burger, that's what I thought too :p