Monday, January 17, 2011


Hello internet people, how have you all been?

Everyone's taking a nap or studying and I'm here watching bad shows, so I thought why not post :p

Sooooo, I'm sick again! I know that no one wants to know if I'm sick or not because that's how I feel when you start talking about your health!

The funniest thing about having the flu is the nasal voice, isn't it the sexiest (I'm being sarcastic in case you haven't noticed)! I'm known to mumble and slur while speaking which is already hard to understand, combine it with a stuffy nose and you get something to laugh about :p

Ummmmm, yeah the 1000 KD! So what's with that? I don't feel comfortable about receiving it. It doesn't feel real to me :s

I'd like to use the rest of my energy to thank someone really special. Even though I've never met you, I have nothing but respect and appreciation for you. Thank you for the help I really couldn't have done it without you. Next time I'll try to stop giggling long enough to make sense, your highness :p


Godless Saudi said...

No problem, you're welcome anytime.
I helped over 9000 strangers.

Anonymous said...

Sht'3altiii?!! Mabroooook if u did!
About the 1000 KD ! HAVE FUN WITH THEM!! :D


Sumaiah said...

Enough with the over 9000 comments, it's starting to sound nerdy :p

And I obviously wasn't talking about you because you're of no use!

No, not really! Maybe though... I don't know I'm thinking about it! Thanks for the enthusiasm though :*

I feel bad about the 1000! We didn't work for it, we just don't deserve it! This nation is spoiled rotten, it makes me sick!

The Reigh said...

Why say no to a gift if given it :P when we all know we'd be complaining without it :p tis a concept...

and omg, the nasal voice, I LOVE working it ;) heheheh :P

salamat sweetie! ;* enshalla you get well soon! *hugs*

Slashy said...

You're welcome 7beebi. I know the thanks is for me.. bedoon la itgoleen. Ma sawayt shay.

LOOOL thiqaaa 7ady atkhayaal ;P

Oooh min sijich about el1000! If you don't want 'em 3a6eeni eyahom ashtry fehom games ;)


Slashy said...

BTW, ana met3ajba inah you're able to type w communicate min 3ogob el ad ;)

The Stig said...

Let me help you with your 1000.
Am good when it comes to wasting money.

Pick your nose and replay pls.

Ambrosial said...

Oh c'mon the nasal noise is sexy! lol ;p u should hear me sing, I do have a lovely voice when I'm sick, but only do sad songs, coz it compliments it ;p

And the 1000, I only embraced it tonight! ;p No we deserve it! They mentally wrecked us with their stupid parliament and the nonsense we keep hearing! Tanmiyah o tanmiyah... TANMIYAH MY ASS! lol ;p

yabun isaktun elsha3b feha... elsha3b gam yagrig akthr feha! lol God, nobody tops the sarcasm in this country! lol ;p

Sumaiah said...

The Reigh:
I don't know! It's weird!

Loooool work it girl, own that bitch :p

Thank you honey *hugs*

Loooooool shut up zain! La eta5ame6oun my thanks it's for a special someone, AKA not any of you :p

You have plenty of games and you don't need anymore!

Loool I'm a pro baby nothing could shut me up :p

Love you to baby :**

The Stig:
I'm not giving it to anybody! Keep your filthy hands away from my virtual money :p

A lady never picks her nose and tell :p

Singing with a sore throat won't be the easiest but I'll give a try. If I disappeared that means that someone threw me out of the window :p

Exactly yaboon ysaktona a7es enna it's dirty money oo by accepting it I'll be accepting the shit that majles el5ama is doing (or rather not doing!).

LorD AymZ said...

i was told i sound american when i have a cold; i dont know if thats an insult or a compliment :P

Sumaiah said...

That depends on how fond of americans are you :p