Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm bored!

I'm marking my territory, DooDa's my pet name.

I'm bored, I don't want to read! And I'm feeling chatty but I don't want to talk so I'll post! Except that I have nothing to post about so I'll post about nothing :p

*thinking of something to say*
Amy Winhouse's going to have a concert in Dubai on my birthday. I love Amy Winhouse and I want to go but guess where I'm going to be on my birthday.... Lousy mo5ayam! With lousy family members, freezing my ass off and eating lousy food!
No seriously speaking, I love going to places with my extended family (mom's side of the family), shocked? I love being around my aunts and uncles and guy cosines, they make me feel protected. And my cousins are so funny I can't stop laughing around them! My girl cousins are ok but I'm not really good at befriending girls, they're way to sensitive for my liking!

I want to fly lanterns on my birthday, millions and millions of them! Well, maybe hundreds I don't think that I'll have the time to fly a million :p
Do any of you know of a place were I could find lanterns in large quantities?

If I thought of something else to say I'll post again :p
Yes, I'm that bored -__-


The Stig said...

Being ok with your guy cousins means you're a guy. search for the guy inside you :P

Sumaiah said...

No it just means that I'm a normal person who despises being around girly girls!
I think I'd know if I had a guy inside of me :p

Vainglorious said...

Ignore Stiggy just because he has a thing for make up he thinks everyone has the opposite gender inside ;p

Your normal, most girls here are very shallow and boring

Sumaiah said...

Don't worry about that guy, that's his way of disguising affection :p
And don't hold the makeup thingy against him, let the boy experiment :p

Why can't you all be as cool as me! :p