Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm 1 and 1 Week :D

I've turned 1 (well my blog did! But we're this close :p) a week ago but I've been too lazy to mention it until yesterday. I didn't feel that I've changed much but after reading some of my old posts I realised that I used to be nice! It took me some time to come out of my shell and start insulting you :p

Now that I'm a year older I'd like to tell you what you should expect to read here:
1- Expect me to not make sense.
2- Expect crapy photos.
3- Expect me to bore you with my baking adventure (how do you like my burger now Vainglorious! :p).
4- Expect me to be rude and opinionated.
5- Expect sexual content and vulgar language.
6- Expect me to complain and ramble endlessly.
7- Occasional wisdom might be hidden between the lines.
8- Expect to hear about my cycle, if I'm late, when I'm PMSing, heavy flow days... Etc.
9- Expect more lists
10- Expect to read about my doubts, frustrations, depression, tears and laughter. In short, expect to read about me.

That's not much to expect right! Well expect to read more of the shit that you've already been reading. I guess I didn't need a list :p


Ambrosial said...

LOOOL! Happy blog day! and more of ur list to come inshallah lol ;p I liked everything that was mentioned! Its been fun knowing u Semo, inshallah u continue that way ;)

The Stig said...

I love your blog cuz you make me feel like I am an angel :P

bitching is a talent and you're good at it.. look at the bright side, you're good at something :P

Happy 1 year, o enshalla i won't die in an accident to come next year same time and tell you happy 2 year :)

Kuwaitiful said...

People that don't know you, are in for a big unexpected surprise.

People that know you, are use to expecting the unexpected.

It all works out both ways! *pun unintended.

Sumaiah said...

Thank you baby :*
Looool yeah I'll keep the lists coming. I've developed a fondness to them :p
It's been a pleasure knowing you too :*

The Stig:
Looooool I'm the best bitch that you'll ever meet :p

Thank you. And don't say that! Inshallah you'll live a long and healthy life and we'll still be blogging even when we're old an sagging :p

Well I guess that that's a good thing, and I'm gonna take it as a compliment :p

* I couldn't have done it without all of you guys. Thank you :*

q8othug said...

*reads list*

Vainglorious said...

Happy blog's day :D

You always live up to me expectations, keep the shit coming. We enjoy it ;)