Thursday, January 20, 2011


Investigation Discovery is one of the lamest channels that you'll ever watch. After stating that fact you'd think that I don't watch it! Well, you're wrong as usual! Mofy (my eldest sister at home) loves that stupid channel and forces me to watch it as well. I've decided to let you all suffer with me by listing some of the lame programs names. I'm not sure what some of them are all about, but they sound stupid and that's why they make the list :p

1- Couples Who Kill: seriously ya3ny! I think that ID. is were creativity goes to die! Couldn't they come up with a better name? It's not as if the idea is so good by itself and that's why they're not making that much effort, because it really sucks!

2- Dr. G: Medical Examiner: Dr. G is a good name for a porn star not a coroner! Grim reaper would be more appropriate though :p

3- Disappeared: every time the guy on the ad says disappeared I remember "Room" a stupid novel that I've recently read.

4- True Crime with Aphrodite Jones: if your name is Aphrodite you should either be an exotic dancer or a porn star because no one will take you seriously (well, I'm not sure about everyone but I won't!).

The names are not the only thing that went horribly wrong with those programs. Most of the programs on ID. contain sucky reenactment and believe me the acting is so bad it's much worse than reality shows!

You must understand how bored I am to understand why I just wrote a long post about a channel that I hate :p
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Vainglorious said...

LOL that's one lame channel!