Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Hundred Flying Lanterns

It has finally been proven, I'm the gobesest gobes (derived from gobesa :p) to ever roam this earth! I've been making a fuss about going camping on my birthday because I wanted to fly a hundred lantern. Well I have the lanterns now but the camping trip was cancelled due to god only knows why :'(

They're trying to find another place, but it might not be on my birthday so I'm feeling a bet down. Plan B was flying them from our roof but my mom lost her mind at the mention of that! I might do it after all just to rub it in her face :p

Now as you can see, the lanterns are colored and tacky looking (and the zebra covers are even tackier looking :p) but they'll look pretty when lit and floating up there :)

Everyone wants some but I'm only giving my aunt because I love her, the rest could kiss my ass :p

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