Saturday, January 29, 2011


I've had long hair for the major part of my life, but I feel that I desperately need a haircut right now! My last haircut was in my third year of college (ages ago!). I had just taken a midterm that I fucked up and I wanted to blow some steam, so I took my friends and went to the hairdresser and had my hair all chopped off. It was a nice change having super short hair and it looked pretty cute!

My hair now is lifelessly long again, and I've been thinking of just cutting it all off! Sometimes I get the urge to grab a razor and shave it all, but then I remember that I don't have the right face shape to carry it off :p

I want to get a stupid cut something like Shane's from the L word, freshly fucked is the name of the cut, now how fabulous does that sound :p
But I can't carry that off too, most unfortunately! Plus, I can't go too short because of my sister's wedding on late march :s

I don't know!
*plays with her high ponytail* ouch I just pulled something out :s

My house is being used as an unwanted kids refugee camp. I swear to god if I had to listen to them ever again I'll pull my thinning hair out!
Ok chill Sumaiah chill.
Now that I'm thinking straight I'll be selling them for 10 KDs a head, any buyers?

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