Saturday, January 1, 2011

Go Ahead and Celebrate!

Mesho's making me watch Avatar :s
I don't understand what the fuss is all about! It's so boring and blue! Just another war movie and I'm not into that sort of crap.

Do you know what will do us good? We should stop creating crappy movies about what we should do and what should happen. We should stop watching movies with perfect endings. It's just sad that we're so unsatisfied with the life that we have so we survive by relaying on make-believe happiness. Instead of focusing on what could be fixed, we're focusing on enhancing what's not broken.

If we stopped for a while and thought of the lands that could use those millions spent on stupid dreams. Think about how a fairytale might just come true for millions of people in need. do you really think that watching a picture that would make you feel bad about war for a full 5 minutes is the answer? Well done really! How humane of you! Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for feeling for someone other than yourself!

What a selfcentered generation, I'm ashamed of being a part of you! I too dream of a perfect ending, social justice, and the end of all wars. But just like all of you I'm not taking any action... How sweet of me. Aren't I just great?

Go enjoy your new years celebrations. I'll go bake cookies for my family that can already afford to eat. And let's hear of the unfortunate's struggle and feel sorry for a long 5 minutes taken out of our precious lives. We're that considerate after all!


The Stig said...

Sumaiah is saying wisdoms ?

This is like Obama getting married tl Lady Gaga!

q8othug said...

next time you and mesho watch anti-hero movies

Sumaiah said...

The Stig:
What is that supposed to mean! I'm a very smart and wise person I just choose not to share the wisdom because I'm afraid that you idiots aren't evolved enough to understand :p

Don't you mention me alongside lady gaga ever again! I nearly threw up :s

I'm not into that crap too! I'm very picky when it comes to movies (says the girl who watches E! :p)!

The Stig said...

Hope 2011 be your year of the new job, marriage and something else.. :p

Sumaiah said...

Why are you still up!! Go to bed :p
Inshallah on the job part :)
But I'll leave marriage to you dude, it's not for me!
I'll get my something else my way :p

The Reigh said...

Oy you! Look at Avatar a different way, it's a realistic Disney type movie...based on Pocahontas ;) yesh...Pocahontas :p just a more futuristic one.

And I LIKE us watching surreal things on TV to escape our pathetic-ness :P if we didn't have that...we'd become insane...I'm sure of it O_O

on the side note..Happy New Year my dear, *hugs*

Sumaiah said...

I don't like Pocahontas, she's too Disney for me! :p

And are you saying that I'm insane? Because if that's what you're implying then you're in big trouble missy! :p

Owh, thank you dear :*
And happy new year to you too :)

Ambrosial said...

I just wanna wish u a great year Semo;*

P.S How is that 4 layered cake coming along? (Love u for saying "4" That's my fav. number! LOL ;P)

Sumaiah said...

Owh! Thank you honey :*

Loool I'm currently experimenting with a new chocolate cake recipe it's either gonna turn out moist and great, or horribly wrong (most likely :p)!
Tarra I'm serious about the cookies, and the cake if I was having a good day that day (I get frustrated easily, and cakes are frustrating!!) :)

And about the #4 don't tell anyone, but I'm a psychic :p