Thursday, January 27, 2011

Girly Camp

I just got home from another camping trip but this one was kinda interesting! My aunt's school staff rented the place so the group had no males, and the girls went all out. There's plenty a girl can do when surrounded by stereos and shesha. Unfortunately I went with my aunts so I had to act girly and shy, and let me tell you that that wasn't fun :(

I could've danced but I'm not really that good at dancing so I only dance around family. The only thing that you can do around dancing girls, if you're not dancing, is stare at asses, so that's what I did! Thank god I'm taking dancing classes on march because I really love dancing and it's a shame that I suck at it.

I loved the idea of an all girls camp, but next time I'd love it if I was around people I cared about. I'm sort of anti-social so I was kind of intimidated and quite reserved and that prevented me from actually enjoying my time. We left early because we weren't having fun, and we needed to use the bathroom and I was obsessing about all the things that I couldn't do!

It was good though since we (Mesho and I) haven't been to our house since yesterday because we needed our time away. We had a sleepover (minus the sleeping part!) at my aunt's house then we went camping in the morning. To be honest I still don't feel like going back...... Any ways, I really want to ashayesh and dance now!

The ta'3reez part was the highlight of today :p


q8othug said...

you smoke sheesha ?!

<3 <3 <3

why hello there!

Sumaiah said...

I won't justify that with an answer :p

Ambrosial said...

LOOL That looks fun! I never thought u'd be keen on dancing! ;p

I miss camping! My family r lame, ma yshaj3oun!

Glad ur having fun ;)

Sumaiah said...

I love dancing! Why would anyone not be keen on that!!

Forget about them, you can come camping with us on february 11th ON MY BIRTHDAY! Lool I love birthdays in case you haven't noticed :p
We have it for the whole weekend but my family are lame so they're only going on friday and the guys will be using it the 2 other days -___-

Thank you honey :*

Slashy said...

allah sounds like u guys had fun

next time u go take me!! :@

Sumaiah said...

It should've been fun but I was out with plenty of ppl that I didn't know so it was awkward!

Lool we should have a bloggers camp. That would be really interesting :p