Monday, January 31, 2011

Family Induced Depression

Seriously people if I had to see one more extended family member this week I'll kill myself!! I don't have any problems with my aunties (my moms sisters) I could see them every day and not get the urge to strangle myself with a shoelace. It's just that ever since my grandma (dad's mum) came to stay at our house, her daughters have been coming none stop! And to make matters worst, my dad's aunt and her daughters (more loud people that I don't know) came yesterday and I haven't even recovered from that awkwardness to be sitting at the same table with his sister and her daughter today!!

I wish I could be spared the tedious smiling and correcting my name. I wish we could skip me telling them that I'm not in school, I'm not in college, I've graduated, and yes I'm still unemployed and a I'm still a burden on all humanity! I wish that they'd stop acting as if we're a tight knitted family. After all I've just learned their name (I couldn't tell my aunts apart until recently!) and they still don't know mine!

I'm just tired of acting proper, I miss the crazy me who giggles like a maniac and acts like a 4 year old brat! I miss having fun, my kid at heart is feeling very weak these days. I really don't mind growing old, I just mind growing tired.


q8othug said...

you could get a job you know ;)

think about it:
8 hours of sleep + 8 hours of work =16

that leaves 8 hours only till the day ends. meaning less probability of running into your weird family

Sumaiah said...

Loool basek 7anna! Even if I worked I'm still gonna run into them! They're family, that's what they do..

As much as they weird me out I don't think that they're weird, they're actually ok! I just don't know them and I hate being around people I don't know!

Ambrosial said...

Maybe u can try finding common grounds with them?! I'm guessing there is non! ;p lol but, try! :D

In my case, I try to start a conversation, or share an opinion if it's something I can relate to or... pretend lol ;p

About not getting ur name right... Believe me nobody suffers from mispronouncing their name more than I do! lol ;p I gave up and went with the flow ;p but of course both sides of the family know my name! But far relatives mess it up! ;p

Sumaiah said...

I really don't hate them. And I can handle them if they came once a week or once a month or even twice year! But having people around me is cramping my style and making me feel claustrophobic and trapped!

I really don't care about the name thingy.... Well, maybe it bothers me a little that I made an effort to know theirs while they didn't, but it's not that big of a deal. I'll survive :p