Sunday, January 30, 2011

Driving By Your House

I just drove by an area that made me uneasy! That stupid heart of mine, when will it let go and just move on. I'm over the person but not over the confusion. I thought if I called it off that would make it easier to handle. I was wrong! It just made me the evil one, but with a broken heart!

But don't go around flattering yourself because I don't miss you a bet! I've never loved you, I just miss being loved! I never said that I'm not self centered, what made you think other wise?

Hope you're ok and doing well. I'm really glad that you bounced back really quick :)


q8othug said...


Sumaiah said...

It's not! Stop lying :p
It's actually sad that I'm still dwelling over a relationship rather than a person!

q8othug said...

still interesting
and i dont lie :>

Sumaiah said...

If you say so!
I'm sorry if I offended you your highness :p