Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do It Like A Dude!

Going to celebratory gatherings is such a hassle if you're a girl! You have to pluck shave and doll up which takes up to 6 hours. You do all of those torturious activities to endure 2 hours of the worst torture possible.... The judgmental looks of old ladies! Getting ready to me means:

- Shaving: which is almost always done at the last minute and on a rush which results in blood shed and bruising!

- Hairdo: if you like having your hair pulled and smothered in hair spray then you'll love this step! I on the other hand hate putting my hair to the extremes!

- Makeup: I don't have any problems with facial makeup, it's the body makeup that I hate. I forgot my body makeup today and had a couple of awkward conversations. Some thought that my scars were stretch marks (being over weight finally paid off!), others thought that it was shaving gone wrong, and some had their suspicions. I really hated being that exposed, I felt so stupid!

- Mental Preparation: it's the hardest of all! I'd take waxing (something that I vowed to never do!) Over having to be around the family elders and having to act proper and all! I feel so stiff still :s

I'm bored of going to those occasions as a girl, next time I'm doing it like a dude! :p


q8othug said...


Darth Sidious looking cute in the first pic


Sumaiah said...

Seriously dude! A star wars reference! Come on you can do better!!
One more stupid remark and I'll cut you with my glowing sword! :p

Anonymous said...

fake and gay !

Sumaiah said...

You should totally stop taking life too seriously honey :D

And don't you dare call me fake again :p

Slashy said...

Girl I say it to you again,

I think you're sexy! And no I'm not complimenting ;P


Sumaiah said...

Glad to see ppl with superior taste around here :p

Thank you baby! I know that I am :p