Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brain Flu

I don't know what it tastes like but I'm eating it for some reason! It's obvious that it's some sort of dried fruit covered with white chocolate *hearts*
I'm not a fan of dried fruit, except for pineapple. I love everything pineapple, but not caned pineapple, that shit tastes nasty!

I have a discission to make and I haven't even thought about it! I've been pushing it far back into my brain were the sun never shine. Well that's not really true, the sun always shine here that's the problem! I'm always worrying about something, and when I try to stop I start to think about something stupid then I start worrying about it :p

Like now as I'm giving myself a headache trying to remembering some of the things that I have to take care of, I suddenly started thinking about dresses for my sisters wedding! I want to wear green. I saw a pretty green dress the other day but then I remembered that there might be a yalwa so I don't think that I can wear green! Lol the dress is not the important discission that I'm talking about don't worry I'm not that stupid!

I hate Cake Boss he's so annoying... I just felt like adding this! My brain has the flu it's not working properly :p


q8othug said...

wat the hell are you eating ?!

Sumaiah said...

I'm not sure! I can't taste a thing so I'm eating anything and everything that's getting in my way :p